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Research Participant Payments

The Research Participant Payments team facilitates the campus-wide effort of participant compensation.

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  • Security Roles

    Security Roles and Required Trainings The following roles are related to the Study Fund Request section of Research Participant Payments (RPP), which has data about the study. UF_FI_RPP_PROCESSOR This person must also be Study Team Member on the SFR page and must be a UF employee. Required Trainings: RSH320, PRV800 and PRV804 This is an […]
  • Overview of RPP

    Directive Statement Anyone who pays research participants, other than in-kind, will need to use the University of Florida Research Participant Payments system, a myUFL module that enables researchers or their study team members to request payments for research participants. Payments can be made with various payment types. The UF Research Participant Payment (RPP) system provides […]
  • RPP Study Fund Management

    Directive Statement Research Participant Payment study funds must be safeguarded against theft or misuse.  In addition: RPP study funds must be spent appropriately and in accordance with UF policy Records must be maintained for study funds Payment activity must be reconciled Reason for Directive Cost Analysis is responsible for the stewardship of Research Participant Payments. […]
  • Making and Recording RPP Payments

    Directive Statement Participant Payments must be spent appropriately in accordance with University of Florida policy, the terms of a grant (if applicable) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) study protocol terms and conditions (if applicable). Funds are to be used exclusively to pay participants and may not be used to pay for other goods or services […]
  • Research Participant Payments Forms and Resources

    Forms RPP Approver Authorization Request Form This form is designed for departments needing to setup authorized approvers to review and approve/deny Study Fund Requests for the Research Participant Payment system in myUFL. Returning Electronic Gift Cards Form Complete this form to return electronic gift cards. Informed Consent Forms A variety of Informed Consent Form templates […]
  • Closing or Extending a Study

    Directive Statement The Custodian for a Research Participant Payment Study Fund must return unused cash/gift cards/prepaid cards to Cost Analysis and request close out of the study within 60 days of the study protocol expiration date.  Department administrators may request up to a 30-day extension period with appropriate justification. Reason for Directive The RPP system […]
  • Payment Types Available

    The Research Participant Payment Office offers a variety of payment types for selections to use for your studies. These are available to all types of studies, including those that are not research related.
  • Instruction Guides and Training

  • Guidelines for Use of Survey Companies

    The use of survey companies that include any type of Participant Payments may be used if the request meets the following criteria: The request must be submitted as a requisition through myUF Marketplace No Personal Reimbursements No PCard Direct Charges The requisition must include: the quotation for the use of the chosen company detailed cost […]