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Banking & Merchant Services

Cash and Check Deposit Options

In Fall 2022, Banking and Merchant Services (BMS) introduced to campus six different methods of depositing cash and checks. Units may mix and match deposit options to suit their operations. These options enable UF units to leverage technology and alternate drop-off locations to make cash and check deposits to the bank faster and efficient.

Banking & Merchant Services is responsible for cash management of the University.  This includes banking administration, receiving and depositing University revenue, and reconciling University bank accounts.  In addition, this area establishes and administers payment card and e-commerce activities.

Staying Informed


This is an automatically generated listserv comprised of all employees with the security roles of: UF_AR_CASHIER, UF_AR_COLLECTOR, UF_AR_ADMINISTRATOR, UF_AR_CORE, UF_AR_DEPOSIT_CONTROL, UF_AR_TREASURY_MGT, UF_FI_SUPER_USER

Banking & Merchant Services uses this listserv to communicate with the campus community on important deposit processing deadlines and unidentified funds received in the UF bank account.

How Can We Help You?

  • Information about providing banking information, receiving ACH/EFT and wire payments, and sending an outgoing wire payment.

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  • Bank Accounts

    1 Article

    Establishment and approval of University of Florida bank accounts.

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  • Cash and Checks

    3 Articles

    Cash and check handling directives and procedures to provide guidance for departments in receipting and documentation, endorsement, and transportation of cash and checks.

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  • There are two types of cash funds: Change Funds and Petty Cash Funds. This section provides information about the steps in the life cycle of a fund including opening a fund, documenting expenditures, replenishment, changing or closing a fund, review of funds, and handling a loss.

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  • The University of Florida accepts payment cards (credit and debit) as a convenience to its customers. Merchant Services handles payment card data security, assists departments in the set up of merchant accounts, deployment of credit card terminals, oversees e-Commerce, processes e-Commerce credit card refunds and responds in the case of a security breach. Visit the Procurement web site for UF PCards.

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  • Deposits

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    The University of Florida receives revenue daily in many forms, including cash/checks, credit/debit cards, and EFT/ACH or wires. Everyone at the University is responsible for making timely deposits to ensure a regular flow of funds for University use.

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  • Investments

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    Information about investments of University funds, participation in component unit investments, and the internal loans.

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