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Tax Services

Tax Services is a unit of the Controller’s Office responsible for assisting and managing compliance with various Federal and State tax laws, rules and regulations and providing support for University of Florida staff navigating these tax laws.  As a large, complex, and dynamic institution the University of Florida must monitor compliance with a number of tax laws.  The Federal Internal Revenue Service and Florida Department of Revenue routinely make audits of universities.  Failure to comply with the tax regulations that affect universities is not only costly, but can be harmful to the university’s image and prestige.

Tax Services is located in Suite 1250 of the East Campus Office Building.

Please call 352-294-7266 if you need assistance.

Staying Informed

Tax Services maintains the e-mail address taxhelp@admin.ufl.edu  to assist the UF community with tax-related questions.  Please note, we are restricted from providing tax advice or personal income tax return assistance to employees or students.

Tax Changes

Tax Year 2024 2023 2022
Social Security Wage Base $168,600 $160,200 $147,000
Standard Deduction (Single) $14,600 $13,850 $12,950
Standard Deduction (MFJ or QW) $29,200 $27,700 $25,900
Standard Deduction (MFS) $14,600 $13,850 $12,950
Standard Deduction (HOH) $21,900 $20,800 $19,400

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