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PO Box 113202
Suite 1250 East Campus Office Building
Gainesville, FL 32611-3202
Phone: (352) 392-1326
Fax: (352) 846-0166

Matthew Ellis, Senior Associate Controller
Oversees General Accounting & Financial Reporting, Auxiliary Accounting, Payroll Services, and Tax Services

Patrice Lecomte, Associate Controller
(352) 294-7256

Dennis Nguyen, Assistant Controller
(352) 294-7261
General Accounting

TBD, Assistant Controller
(352) 294-7263
Financial Reporting

Annual Financial Reports and Quarterly Reports

Helps with the preparation of the University Annual Financial report. Responsibilities also include preparation of the quarterly financial statements for the Board of Trustees and many other reports for external entities and management.

Team email: FAFinancialReporting@ad.ufl.edu

TBD, Assistant Controller
(352) 294-7263

Jeff Conklin, Accountant III
(352) 294-7262

Journal Entries

Review and posts manual journal entries that are entered by departments, such as cash transfers, expense corrections, and internal sales. Assists departments and core offices with any journal related questions.

Salima Joree, Accountant III
(352) 294-7258

Miryam Braun, Financial Analyst II
(352) 294-7259

General Ledger and Commitment Control

Supports the General Ledger with period and year-end closing, general ledger review, GL/KK variances. Advises on the associated complex accounting and technical problems.

Salima Joree, Accountant III
(352) 294-7258

ChartFields, Combination Codes

Activates, inactivates, and maintains Combination Codes and ChartField request such as GL Accounts, Department IDs, and Deptflex. We also update and maintain financial trees for financial reporting structure, projects, and people soft combination edits.

Team email: chartfield@admin.ufl.edu

TBD, Financial Analyst II
(352) 294-7260

Unclaimed Property

Reviews the State of Florida’s unclaimed property listings for checks that were issued to the University of Florida and claims the found checks on behalf of the University.

Miryam Braun, Financial Analyst II
(352) 294-7259

Monthly Financial Reports/FIT Cube

Support departments with the Monthly Financial Reports and other Enterprise Reporting reports including the FIT Cubes. Monitor Enterprise Analytics data warehouse to ensure that the financial information is accurate and appropriately organized. Work with the Business Intelligence team to fix any issues. Research and resolve problems for end users relating to various General Accounting issues.

Salima Joree, Accountant III
(352) 294-7258