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Annual Financial Reports

University of Florida Annual Financial Reports
PDF and HTML version of the University of Florida Annual Financial Reports, as well as an Illustrated Guide to Understanding the Financial Statements for non-accountants.

Component Unit Annual Financial Reports
PDF version of the Annual Financial Reports of the University of Florida’s Component Units.


Agency Request Authorization
Complete this form to request an outside agency to assist department functions.

Combination Code Request Form
Complete this form to request a 9-digit unique ChartField combination to use in the distribution and additional pay components. They are needed for all payroll charges.

Cost Transfer Request Non-Payroll
Complete this form to transfer an expense charged to the cost center to a different project.

DeptFlex Request
Request to get a ten-digit field that is required for certain funds and helps departments meet their reporting requirements. Departments use DeptFlex as an additional classification for transactions.

New Department ID Request
Complete this form to request a new Department ID ChartField.

UFLOR General Ledger (Actuals) Journal Entry Template
Template to assist in documenting transfer balances to be uploaded to the general ledger.


1XXXXX – Assets
List of the University’s current assets.

2XXXXX – Liabilities
List of the University’s current liabilities, accrued liabilities, and noncurrent liabilities.

4XXXXX – Operating Revenues
List of the University’s income from tuition and fees charged to students, net of refunds.

5XXXXX – Non-Operating Revenues
List of the University’s appropriations, interest incomes and cancellations, transfer revenues, and other non-operating revenue accounts.

6XXXXX – Operating Expenses – Payroll
List of the University’s personnel service operating expense accounts.

7XXXXX – Operating Expenses – Non-Payroll
List of the University’s operating expense accounts other than those used for personnel services.

8XXXXX – Non-Operating Expenses
List of the University’s non-operating expense accounts.

Account Use by Fund
Excel spreadsheet to assist in determining appropriate account and fund code combinations.

Add an Attachment to Budget Transfers
Instructional guide on how to add and delete an attachment to budget transfers on myUFL.

Add-Delete an Attachment
Instructional guide on how to add and delete an attachment to a journal entry on myUFL.

Change the Journal Date
Instructional guide on how to update the date on an existing journal entry through myUFL.

Change the Journal Source
Instructional guide on how to update the source on an existing journal entry through myUFL.

Color of Money Quick Guide
Chart from PRO302: The Color of Money training class that provides at-a-glance information about different buckets of money and allowability.

Commitment Control Configuration
Excel spreadsheet containing funds, a brief description, their primary KK ledger (e.g. CASH or APPROP), primary keys and translations (what fields are required to be filled out in the chartfield e.g. fund, dept, flex, acct), and any notes specific to the fund.

Delete a Journal That is Not Posted
Instructional guide on how to delete a journal that has not been posted on myUFL.

Enterprise Systems Glossary of myUFL Terms
Document consisting of definitions for the terms and acronyms utilized in the University’s Enterprise System.

Fiscal Year-End Closing General Information
Provides the budgeting schedule for the following departments: Procurement, Disbursement Services, Construction Accounting, Payroll and Tax Services, Banking & Merchant Services, and General Accounting and Financial Reporting.

Fund Groups and Definitions
Comprehensive list of current, loan, capital, and agency fund groups.

General Ledger (Actuals) Complied Macro Sheet (JEMACRO1 and JEMACRO2)
The Excel macros required to utilize the General Ledger (Actuals) Journal Upload Workbook.

General Ledger (Actuals) Journal Upload Workbook (JEMACRO1 and JEMACRO2 files required)
Navigate to this form to upload, edit, or delete journals in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

List of ChartField Liaisons
List of Chartfield liaisons with college/unit information and emails.

Print a Journal
Instructions on how to print a journal through an Excel report or within PeopleSoft.

Prior Fiscal Year Expense Corrections
Contains conditions for prior fiscal year expense corrections and additional information for prior fiscal year payroll retros.

Program Codes Use By Fund
Spreadsheet indicating which functional classification and program is associated with which fund.

Program Codes and Definitions
List of program codes grouped by functional classification with names and definitions.

Required Chartfield by Fund
Excel spreadsheet containing funds, their primary ledger group (e.g. CASH or APPROP), and what fields are required to be filled out in the chartfield (e.g. fund, dept, flex, acct.).

Reverse a Journal
Step-by-step instructions on how to reverse a journal in PeopleSoft.

Year-End Schedule
List of deadlines or tasks to complete with target dates, descriptions, responsible parties, and units.