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Payroll Services

PO Box 113201
2046 NE Waldo Road
Suite 1250 East Campus Office Building
Gainesville, FL 32611-3201
Phone:(352) 392-1231
Fax: (352) 846-0166

Matthew Ellis, Senior Associate Controller
Oversees General Accounting & Financial Reporting, Auxiliary Accounting, Payroll Services and Tax Services

Megan Burnsed, Assistant Controller
(352) 294-7272
Payroll Services

TBD, Accountant III
Off-Cycle Payroll Processing, Vendor Payments, Self-Move Expense Reimbursements, Wage Overpayment Calculations and Contract Buyouts

Chris Davis, IT Professional I
(352) 294-7280
Managing Exceptions, Help Team, and Wage Overpayment Calculations

Kim Alderson, Accountant III
(352) 294-7268
Commitment Accounting (Distributions), Wage Garnishments, Direct Deposits

Amanda Adrian, Accountant II
(352) 294-7281
Payroll Support

John Murrhee, Accounting Specialist
(352) 294-7283
Payroll Support

TBD, Payroll Specialist
(352) 294-7283
Emergency Check Processing, Prior 90s, Direct Deposits and Wage Garnishments

TBD, Accountant II
FICA Analysis, Queries, Form W-2, Tax Adjustments, Refunds and Collections (FICA, W-2C), UF Form W-9, SSN Verification, W-4 Updates, Federal Tax Deposits and Reporting

Linda Smith, Payroll Manager
(352) 294-7285
Biweekly Payroll Processing – Payroll Schedule of Paydays and Critical Dates, Miscellaneous Taxable Income Request, Time & Labor Listserv, Time & Labor Help Team, Emergency Checks and Leave Cashouts.

Valerie Henry, Payroll Specialist
(352) 294-7284
Time & Labor Help Team, Leave Cashout Processing, Advice (EFT) and Check Cancellations, Contract Buyouts, and On-Cycle Adjustments.

Dawn Teagle, Accounting Manager
(352) 294-7282
Off-Cycle Payroll Processing, Vendor Payments and Check Cancellation

TBD, Accountant II

Other University Contacts

Employment Operations & Records, HRS
(352) 392-2477
W-4 Name Changes

(352) 392-2477
Employment Verifications

Randy Staples, Disbursement Services
(352) 392-1241 x301
Form 1099-MISC