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Forms & Resources


ACH-Wire Request Form
Request for incoming bank ACH/WIRE/EFT.

Bank Wire Form – Incoming
Excel spreadsheet used to request incoming bank ACH/WIRE/EFTs.

Bank Wires Form – Outgoing (pdf)
Form required for outgoing bank wires.

Cash Fund Activity Log
This log is used to record receipts for each transaction, to record when funds are taken offsite, and when checking out and returning funds.

Change to Existing Fund Form
Document changes in an existing fund, including changes in fund location, custodianship, ChartField information, individuals who have access, and fund balance.

Check Mail Log
This log is used to record checks received in the mail.

eCommerce Application for Credit Card Transactions
Used by departments that want to accept credit card transactions through UF and its approved web payment gateway.

eCommerce Credit Card Refund
Used to issue refunds to customers who purchased goods/services with a credit card.

Expense Refund Form
Used when issuing an expense refund; requires original expense information and chartfield of original expense.

Fund Checkout Log
Use this form when a portion of the petty cash fund is being taken off-site (i.e. to pay some participants in another building on campus).

Mobile and Desktop Scanning Deposit Check Retention Log
Log to assist department in accounting for and properly disposing of scanned checks.

New Fund Information – Change Fund
Used by departments requesting a change fund.

New Fund Information – Petty Cash
Used by departments requesting a petty cash fund.

PCard Replacement Receipt Form
Used by PCard holders when vendor receipts are not available.

Request for Credit Card Merchant ID
For all potential merchants requiring a credit card processing terminal or machine.

Request for Credit Card Merchant ID – Rental Program
For all potential merchants who temporarily require a credit card processing terminal or machine.

Request for New Fund Form
Used by departments when requesting a new change or petty cash fund.

Request to Participate in Component Unit (CU) Investments
This form must be filled out when Component Units request the University of Florida to invest excess funds in a Special Purpose Investment Account (SPIA) on behalf of the CU.


EFT-ACH-Wires Log
List of EFT/ACH and wires for the current fiscal year, as well as transactions placed in the holding account.

Glossary of Banking Wire Terms
Definitions of common banking wire terms.