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Asset Management

Asset Management provides support services to the University community to facilitate the management and disposal of tangible personal property UF possesses.  Its mission is to establish uniform directives and procedures for accountability, control and disposal of state-owned and government-owned equipment entrusted to the care of University employees, and to provide quality support services to its customers in a responsible and accountable manner.  Asset Management works closely with Departmental Property Contacts and Property Custodians to facilitate the management of property.

myAssets is UF’s property management system, offering a simple web-based system to manage, update and track the life cycle of assets.  Please take the time to explore and discover how easy it is to use myAssets.  For more information, visit the myAssets Toolkit.

Staying Informed

Asset Management maintains two listservs to assist the UF community with asset management.

Property Listserv


This listserv includes all Property Custodians, Property Contacts, and UF staff members who are interested in property issues.  Asset Management uses this listserv to communicate with the campus community on property issues (List Archive is available). Join the list by completing the form below.

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Property Swap


The UF community uses this listserv to find a home for unneeded UF furniture.  This listserv is open to all staff. Postings on this web site should include a description of the items and a picture if possible.  Any furniture acquired through this web site must continue to serve the UF community and is not available for personal or private use. Join the list by completing the form below.

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How Can We Help You?

Additional Directives and Information

  • myAssets: Property Management System

    myAssets is an intuitive and easy to use online property management system for capital assets, attractive property, and surplus property. myAssets integrated workflow enables individuals responsible for the property to have up-to-date information to manage the property and submit forms including updates, inventory certifications, transfers, dispositions, and surplus pickups electronically for final approval at Asset Management and then into PeopleSoft (myUFL), the official financial property record for all capital assets.
  • myInventory App

    The myInventory app is the easy to use tool to complete physical inventory.  It can be downloaded on many different types of Apple devices including iPhone, iPads, and iPods.  myInventory app can be used by any UF employee.  myInventory app can be downloaded by anyone with the Property Custodian, Departmental Contact, IT Contact, or Scanner role in myAssets.