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myInventory App

The myInventory app is the easy to use tool to complete physical inventory.  It can be downloaded on many different types of Apple devices including iPhone, iPads, and iPods.  myInventory app can be used by any UF employee.  myInventory app can be downloaded by anyone with the Property Custodian, Departmental Contact, IT Contact, or Scanner role in myAssets.

The myInventory app has the following features:

  • Scan and store inventory and location with or without Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.
  • Upload scans by Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.
  • Record the date of scan and user who scanned the barcode.

The myInventory app has the additional features when combined with myAssets and Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

  • Show unscanned items in that location from last year which have not been scanned this year.
  • Take pictures with the app to add and update the property record.
  • Start a surplus pickup request of all capital assets and attractive property to be submitted by the Department Contact for approval by the Property Custodian.
  • Ability to scan barcode and with one tap the app will take the user to myAssets so they can update property records, complete a transfer, or disposals.

Asset Management recommends iPhone 6s or later because of the camera quality but the myInventory app works on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) running iOS 11.3 or later.

Scanner role – Enables UF employee ONLY the ability to download the myInventory app on an Apple device. Required training: PST501 – Property 101

Instructions on how to download and use the myInventory app click here: https://wiki.businessaffairs.ufl.edu:8443/display/BHD/myInventory+App