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Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis facilitates the campus-wide effort certification process and conducts space allocation surveys.  This area also completes Facilities & Administrative (FnA) rate proposals and specialized cost reports.

Staying Informed

Cost Analysis maintains 3 listservs based on myUFL security roles.To join a listserv, you have to have security to the system.  Once you have security you will begin to receive notices.  If you need to be removed from a list serve, removing your security for this task will take care of that issue.

Effort Certification List Serve

This listserv includes all Effort Coordinators who have security to the effort system.  The Effort Coordinator Contact List can be found at the following link: Effort Coordinator Contact List.

All Effort List Serve

These notifications will address anyone who has security to the effort coordinator, faculty assignment reports initiator, effort view only, and academic activity reporting system security roles.  The primary focus of these notifications is for effort open lab opportunities.

Space Allocation List Serve

Space Certifiers and Authorizers who have security to the space allocation system, to receive notices regarding any space allocation system changes, deadlines, and other training opportunities.

Research Participant Payments Listserv (HSP-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU)

This is an automatically generated listserv comprised of all employees with the security roles of: UF_FI_HSP_INITIATOR, UF_FI_HSP_PAYMENT_PROCESSOR, UF_FI_HSP_SFR_APPROVER,   UF_FI_HSP_SFR_VIEWER, UF_FI_HSP_PMT_VIEWER 

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