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Direct Deposit Student Enrollment Form

Third-Party Sponsors

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Letter of Acknowledgement Form (for Third-Party Sponsors)
Acknowledgement that the University Bursar will process a Third-Party Donor deferment to cover tuition, related fees and authorized health insurance premiums.

Paying Non-Tuition Charges with UF Funds
This resource provides detailed instructions of the process of paying University Bursar non-tuition charge(s) and the form that must be filled out and submitted to University Bursar.

W-9s Request for Student’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Students who do not have a SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) are required to fill this form out for the University to file the tax form 1098-T with the IRS.


Florida Prepaid Handout
Florida Prepaid Q&A.

Florida Prepaid Presentation
Florida Prepaid tuition and fees overview.

Third-Party Contract Billing Policy
This policy outlines the University Bursar policy on students sponsored by Third Party Donors for payment of tuition and related fees.

Establishment of New Scholarship or Grant Program for Department
Form to be completed by departments to create a new scholarship or grant.
Send all requests to BA-FA-UB-AccountingandReporting@ad.ufl.edu.