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Letter of Acknowledgement Form (for Third-Party Sponsors)
Acknowledgement that the University Bursar will process a Third-Party Donor deferment to cover tuition, related fees and authorized health insurance premiums.

Paying Non-Tuition Charges with UF Funds
This resource provides detailed instructions of the process of paying University Bursar non-tuition charge(s) and the form that must be filled out and submitted to University Bursar.

W-9s Request for Student’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
Students who do not have a SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) are required to fill this form out for the University to file the tax form 1098-T with the IRS.


Florida Prepaid Handout
Florida Prepaid Q&A.

Florida Prepaid Presentation
Florida Prepaid tuition and fees overview.

Third-Party Contract Billing Policy
This policy outlines the University Bursar policy on students sponsored by Third Party Donors for payment of tuition and related fees.