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Forms & Resources


Space Allocation Form
Form to specify what how a space is being utilized.

Research Participant Payments Approver Authorization Request Form
Used to request department ID’s associated with individuals with the UF_FI_HSP_SFR_APPROVER security role that need to review and approve/deny Study Fund Requests for the Research Participant Payments module in myUFL.

Effort Resources

Academic Activity Reporting Contact List
Comprehensive contact list containing department IDs, departments, names, phone numbers, and emails of employees involved with effort reporting.

Effort Guidance for Paid Leave of Absence Including FMLA
Information on accounting for paid leave of absences with sponsored projects. Includes steps to update the effort record.

Examples to Help With Choosing an Employee Job Record for AAR
Provides examples that can be used to help with the decision of what is the right employee job record to choose when assigning a course.

How Does the Effort Report Receive Information?
Prezi explaining how the effort report receives information.

Over the Salary Cap Sponsors List
Comprehensive list of Over the Cap (OTC) Sponsors and their cap amount.

When to Add Self-Funded Courses to Effort
Information to determine when self-funded courses need to be reported to effort.

Space Resources

Space Inventory and Allocation System
Log into the Space Inventory and Allocation (SPIN) system.

Space Certifier Contact List
Contact information of department’s space certifier.

Space Inventory & Allocation System (SPIN) Refresher
Refresher PowerPoint discussing categories of space allocation, tips for space allocation, SPIN system and reports, space change requests, FY deadlines, and training and security.

UF Space Inventory and Allocation System (SPIN) User Manual
Manual on this system, which annually collects information on how University buildings and rooms are being utilized.

Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rate Resources

Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rates – Final Rate Agreement
Document listing the rates approved for use on grants, contracts, and other agreements with the Federal Government.

List of Buildings not Owned or Leased by UF
Comprehensive list of buildings not owned or leased by the University.

Other Resources

2CFR200 – Quick Reference Guide
Guide on the federal regulations published by the Office of Management and Budget.