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Why is a business justification required for every transaction?
It is always important to know why a purchase is being made and how it benefits the University because, in the end, we are tasked with being good stewards of the University’s funds. The business purpose explanation does not need to be long, just the “why” behind the purchase.
Why is a second level approval required for transactions?
We are all human and, as such, can all make mistakes.  It is always best to have at least two people involved in a transaction, and the Department Level 2 Approver for Non-PO invoices (unencumbered) not only protects the University, but also the people involved in the purchases. Remember – trust but verify!
Is there a file size limit in myUF Marketplace?
myUF Marketplace allows files up to 10MB.
Is the voucher description field still be available?
Yes. On an invoice with a purchase order (PO), the product description auto populates. When creating a Non-PO Invoice (unencumbered), you are required to enter the product description. This field defaults to the description field in myUFL (PeopleSoft) and will continue to display on the Monthly Financial Reports.
Is the Foundation approval form (UFFPA) still required?
No, this form is no longer required for UF Foundation transactions. All users handling Foundation monies will need to take ADV006: Fund Administrator Training instead, if they have not already done so.
Previously, when the invoice exported from myUF Payment Solutions to myUFL (PeopleSoft), a “P” was added to the voucher number. Did this change?
Yes, the voucher number starts with “V” in both myUF Marketplace and myUFL (PeopleSoft) so that the numbers will match between both systems.
Do we have document upload ability?
Yes, there is document upload capability in myUF Marketplace.  To attach supporting documents to an invoice while creating or “working” it, a Department Level 1 or Level 2 Approver can quickly add attachments from the main Buyer Invoice Tab, in the “Note/Attachments” section.  Or, Approvers can go to the “Attachments” tab of the invoice. After the invoice has been paid (“finalized”), supporting documents can be attached using the “Comments” tab of the invoice.  The user will click “Add Comment” and select the file to attach.
Attachments can be either internal attachments, which can be viewed by all users inside the University of Florida, or external attachments, which are sent to the supplier.  Almost all documents will be attached as internal attachments.
Can we budget check prior to export into PeopleSoft?
Yes, budget checking takes place in myUF Marketplace and the voucher will budget check again in myUFL (PeopleSoft).
Is there a way to email internal comments?
Yes.  When viewing an invoice, a Department Level 1 or Level 2 Approver can go to the “Comments” tab and enter a comment requesting information from another person, such as confirmation of receipt from a lab manager.  After the Approver adds the comment and sends it, the lab manager will receive an e-mail from myUF Marketplace with a direct link to the invoice.  By clicking on the link, the lab manager can reply to the Approver’s comment directly.  All comments will remain in the invoice’s comment history for future reference.
Do we have the ability to change the size on annotations?
No. The ability to add annotations to images was a feature of the previous system (myUF Payment Solutions).  Unfortunately, it is not a feature of myUF Marketplace.
Are suppliers required to submit invoices to the system rather than directly to departments?
Suppliers are required to send invoices directly into the myUF Marketplace system via email, fax or P.O. Box. If invoices are sent to your department, you may return those invoices to the supplier with instructions on how to submit UF invoices to the system. If the payment is time sensitive, Department Level 1 Approvers can follow the steps in the Creating an Invoice from a Purchase Order instruction guide to manually enter the invoice for payment into myUF Marketplace.
Is there a way to edit multiple lines when paying an encumbered invoice?
Not at this time – lines in an invoice will have to be edited individually.
Can we see if a purchase order (PO) is closed in myUF Marketplace?
Yes.  If you navigate to the PO in myUF Marketplace, the Document Status tile has a “Status” tab.  The “A/P Status” line provides information about the current status of the PO.  If the A/P Status is “Closed,” that reflects a closed PO.
Do we still use check requests?
Yes.  However, it is now called a “Non-PO Invoice.”  Non-PO (unencumbered) Invoices should be created from the “Create Invoice” tile on the AP Home screen, following the steps in the “Create a Non-PO Invoice” instruction guide.
Do we have the ability to view an invoice without assigning (“claiming”) it and removing it from the Approvals queue?
Yes, you can open the invoice and view it without assigning (“claiming”) it. If the invoice is not yours, it can be closed and will remain in the Approvals queue. The invoice must be assigned to you if you want to make any edits.
Can we edit invoice number?
Yes, when manually inputting an invoice, the current date will default into the Supplier Invoice Number field. It must be changed to reflect the true invoice number. For invoices that come into  myUF Marketplace electronically, the Supplier Invoice Number is captured. A Department Level 1 or Level 2 Approver should review this number for accuracy and edit any numbers that are captured incorrectly. To edit the Supplier Invoice Number, navigate to the invoice in the myUF Marketplace. On the Buyer Invoice tab in the Summary/General section, click the “Edit’ button and correct the Supplier Invoice number.
Is there duplicate invoice detection?
Yes, duplicate invoices with the same supplier number, supplier invoice number, invoice date and amount will be detected by myUF Marketplace.  Even if invoices come in months apart, the system is comparing these fields to detect duplicates.  If a duplicate invoice is received in your Approvals queue, add a comment to record why it was cancelled then select “Reject/Cancel” in the action box and click on “Go”.
Are we able to add documentation after approval?
Yes, the supporting documentation, such as a packing slip or other evidence of receipt, can be added using the “Comments” tab of the invoice.  Click “Add Comment” and select the file you would like to attach to the invoice.
Is there a running balance report for encumbrances?
There is not a report in myUF Marketplace, but if you navigate to the PO in myUF Marketplace and click on the “Invoices” tab, you can see all invoices applied against the PO. A running and available balance is on the bottom section of the screen.
Can we see the status of a purchase order (PO) (closed, finalized, open)?
Yes. Navigate to the PO in myUF Marketplace. On the Status tab in the Document Status tile, the “A/P Status” field is the current status of the PO.  “Closed” means the PO is not available to be paid against and the system has closed it for all future activity.  “Open” means the PO is still active and remaining funds are available for payment. “Soft Closed” is equivalent to the “Finalized” status in the prior system. Soft Closed is a temporary status that means that the PO has been invoiced against based on 100% of the quantity or 100% of the cost. Once the final payment information is written to the invoice from the myUFL system, myUF Marketplace will automatically convert the PO status to Closed.
Do change orders take place in myUF Marketplace?
Yes, all change orders will be completed in myUF Marketplace.  Department Level 1 Approvers should follow the steps in the Completing Change Orders with the Change Request Tab.  Financial Approvers for requisitions should use the steps in the Approving Change Orders for Financial Approvers in myUF Market instruction guide.
Is there dynamic searching?
Yes, document search has a variety of ways to search in the system, view Searching in myUF Marketplace for information about the various search options.
Can you schedule multiple payments for one voucher in myUF Marketplace?
Yes, you can create a recurring invoice that will automatically do the work for you and set up recurring payments.  Follow the steps in the Creating a Recurring Invoice instruction guide to make recurring payments.
Will we receive budget error notifications?
Budget checking takes place in myUF Marketplace and the invoice will be returned to the Invoice Owner.  The Invoice Owner is notified if their notifications are turned on (set up in your user profile.)
Can we see the payment method or other payment information in myUF Marketplace?
Yes, the payment method is visible when viewing the invoice – it is not displayed when processing the transaction. Payment Method is the default method for how the supplier is paid (ACH, Wire, Check). Once a payment is made via myUFL, payment information is returned and posted to the invoice in myUF Marketplace. This information can be seen on the Buyer Invoice tab, summary section in the Payment Information tile.
Is there an alternate delivery option for checks?
Yes, it will be called handling codes. When approving an invoice, both Department Level 1 and Department Level 2 Approvers can include a request for Special Payment Handling with appropriate justification.  Payment Handling Codes include 01 – No Special Handling, 02 – Request Express Check (only in case of emergency when no other option exists), 03 – Request Check Pickup (you will be called to pick up the check – provide the name and phone number of the person picking up the check), 04 – Send Check With Attached (request to enclose documents with a check), 05 – Mail to Alternate Address (request the check be mailed to a different address), 06 – Other (special handling that is not listed above).
Can we bulk assign invoices?
Yes, navigate to the AP Home page and click on the link within the Approvals tile. This will open a listing of all invoices in your queue. You can select documents by checking the box on the far right. Then select an action for the action box on the top right (in this case “Assign”) and click Go.
Are we able to drag and drop documents?
No, this is not a current feature.  However, it may be a possibility in the future.
Can we create one-time payments?
One-time payments will be used for refunds only.
Is workflow routing based on ChartField strings or other data on the invoice?
Automatic invoice workflow routing will be based on the Department ID written on the PO or invoice. All other workflow, such as routing the invoice to another person for comments, is manually performed by the user.
Do we finalize a purchase order in myUF Marketplace instead of PeopleSoft?
Yes, you can close a PO in myUF Marketplace by following the steps in the Closing a Purchase Order instruction guide. In addition, you still have access to the PeopleSoft voucher, so you do have the option to finalize in that system. This might still need to be done for some of the older POs that were established before implementation of myUF Marketplace. For new POs, created after myUF Marketplace implementation, the system does the work for you. Once a PO is paid out 100% of either cost or quantity, the system automatically sets the PO status to Soft Closed. Once the final payment information is written back from PeopleSoft, the system converts the PO to Closed – there is no need to finalize. If a PO is not paid out 100% and a department needs to close it, you can select “Close PO” in the Action box at any given time to Close the PO and restore any remaining unused funds to the cost center.
Can we recall an invoice that was approved the same day (before it goes to PeopleSoft)?
No, that was a function of the prior system.  It was available because the voucher went across to PeopleSoft at night.  In myUF Marketplace, the voucher can go over to PeopleSoft as soon as all approvals are obtained.  Changes can be made in PeopleSoft or the voucher can be deleted in PeopleSoft and then the invoice re-entered in myUF Marketplace.
Do I have to assign an invoice to myself to begin working it? Why?
Yes, you must assign the invoice to make any edits.  Once an invoice is assigned, only the user it is assigned to can make any edits.  Requiring you to assign the invoice to yourself before making edits ensures that only one user is making changes at a time, and your edits are not being overwritten by someone else working on the invoice at the same time.
How do I set up notifications so I can receive e-mails for myUF Marketplace?
Follow the steps in the Setting up Your User Profile instruction guide to set up e-mail notifications.  You can set up e-mail notification preferences for both “Shopping, Carts & Requisitions” and “Purchase Orders.”
How can I change ChartFields on a PO line?
ChartFields against a PO should never be changed on the PO lines within the transaction in myUF Marketplace.  If ChartField changes are needed, a Non-PO line should be added, and the changes should be reflected on that line.  ChartFields for Non-PO lines can be edited from the ChartFields section of the Buyer Invoice tab.
How can I see Selected Expedited Approval invoices processed for my department?
The SEA invoices are identified during a workflow step, so myUF Marketplace is not able to automatically notify recipients. A query has been written to enable departments to identify these transactions. Navigate to: Orders>View Saved Searches>UF Searches. Click on Select Expedited Approval. This will produce a listing of all SEA invoices processed. Filters can then be added.
Why can’t I see an invoice image for certain suppliers?
Suppliers that submit invoices Electronic do not provide invoice images. All information that would be on the invoice image are added by the supplier directly in the system and can be found on the buyer invoice tab / line details.
What if I need a PDF for audit purposes?
You can click the Print Icon to create a PDF. Please do not print a paper copy.
Audit Print PDF Icon
Which suppliers invoice electronically/no image?
Below is a list of suppliers who submit their invoices electronically.

  • Airgas Inc
  • Apple Inc
  • B&H Foto & Electronics Corp
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
  • CDW Government Inc
  • Dade Paper and Bag LLC
  • Dell Marketing LP
  • Eurofins Genomics LLC
  • Fastenal Co
  • Ferguson Enterprises Inc
  • Fisher Scientific Co LLC
  • GovConnection Inc
  • Graybar Electric Co Inc
  • Henry Schein Inc
  • Integrated DNA Technologies Inc
  • Life Technologies Corporation
  • Medline
  • Mister Paper Inc
  • New England Biolabs Inc
  • OEC Business Interiors Inc
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc
  • Sigma Aldrich Inc
  • USA Scientific Inc
  • W W Grainger Inc


I need the scheduled pay date changed on a voucher. Whom do I speak with?
Email payments@admin.ufl.edu and provide a justification.
I am looking at the image attached to the voucher and all I can see is the first page, it is not clear and I also have trouble printing?
Try navigating to UF Document Imaging. The images are much more crisp and printer friendly.
How do I correct a field in a voucher when the field is grayed out?
If the voucher has not actually paid, you can e-mail our disbursements folder at disbursements@ufl.edu and we will take the proper measures to open those fields for you.


Why does my Wireless Device payment post to my ledger for the total amount when payments are made monthly?
If a wireless device allowance is created via the myUFmarketplace, vouchers are created and approved on a monthly basis and ledgers are only charged for the monthly amount.
Can I pay someone for services via Expense Report?
No. Services are considered taxable income. In order to comply with IRS regulations, we need these payments to go through the Accounts payable module.


How do I determine an appropriate amount to be paid as an equipment purchase reimbursement as well as monthly service reimbursement?
Significant discretion was left with the department heads regarding the amount of the cell phone reimbursements. However, the amount of the reimbursements, as well as the need for the business use of a cell phone or other wireless device must be reasonable and appropriately justified and documented. If an employee currently receives a University provided cell phone or other wireless device, the current cost may be a good basis for the reimbursement. The actual cost of new equipment devices would be an appropriate basis for an equipment purchase reimbursement.
Do we still have the option of providing faculty and staff with University provided cell phones or other wireless devices?
Yes. The new directive does not eliminate this option, but recognizes the need to document the usage to eliminate tax and other audit concerns. The reimbursement method was devised as an alternative to minimize the record keeping that faculty and staff, as well as the department have to do.
If cell phones or other wireless devices are checked out by faculty and staff or are required to be left at the office after hours is the cell phone usage still required to be documented?
If we wish to convert to the reimbursement method to eliminate the record keeping requirements for University provided cell phones may we continue to use the University equipment, but convert the service agreement to the name of the faculty or staff member?
Yes, however the cell phone or other wireless device will continue to be the property of the University until it is returned. An equipment purchase reimbursement may not be granted if a University provided device is being used.
Has the University leveraged its buying power to allow employees to purchase equipment and service plans at the best available pricing?
Yes, please see the UF Procurement web site.
My department has special cell phone requirements making it difficult to implement this new directive. Is there someone I can contact to look into my circumstances and offer assistance?
Yes, names and telephone numbers of appropriate individuals have been included in the DDD announcing the issuance of this new directive or you can call the main Controller’s Office telephone number at (352) 392-1321.
Where may I find IRS information on employee use of cell phones?
The IRS has employee cell phone information on its web site.
If my department were to only give employees a minimal purchase and service reimbursement would we still need to document how we arrived at the amount of the reimbursement?
Yes, however, expect larger payments to receive closer scrutiny.
Do we have to input the monthly reimbursement into disbursements monthly?
No, the monthly service reimbursement will only need to be entered annually each fiscal year.
If Option 2 is selected, do I have to log all incoming and outgoing calls?
No, pursuant to the IRS Notice 2011-71.
If my department provides reimbursements under Option 1, can my department specify the provider and/or type of equipment that is to be acquired?
Yes, the primary purpose for providing employees with cell phones or cell phone reimbursements is to meet the needs of the department. If department needs are better met by a specific provider then the department can make that a requirement for receiving the reimbursement.
Is the documentation to be maintained in the department and if so, how long are they required to be kept.
Yes, departments are responsible for maintaining the documentation in accordance with the University’s record keeping retention requirements.
How does the department address a situation where an employee traveling with personal cell phone on UF business wants reimbursement for minutes used conducting UF business? The minutes used did not cause the employee to exceed their monthly minute plan. What does the department do if the employee wants reimbursement for a percent of their personal bill?
The University can only reimburse the employee for additional documented costs incurred by the employee in making such calls. In such cases where the monthly minute plan is not exceeded no reimbursement is due. By the same token, when a University phone is used to make a personal call, no reimbursement is due from the employee if the University’s minute plan is not exceeded.
If an employee leaves the University after receiving an equipment purchase reimbursement does the employee need to return the device or reimburse the University for a portion of such amount paid?
Once the purchase reimbursement is given for an employee to purchase a device, the device remains the property of the employee. However, the department should discontinue payment of the monthly service reimbursement immediately upon termination.
Does this directive apply to the “walkie talkie” feature of certain cell phone providers?
No. Calls using the “walkie talkie” feature are not subject to the documentation requirement for cell phone calls on University owned phones.
Does the cell phone directive apply to contracts that have already been entered into before the cell phone policy was released?
According to the directive the department has 30 days to have employees review cell phone statements and reimburse the University for personal calls. Does the review and reimbursement have to occur before the cell phone bill is paid?
Are cell phone reimbursements to be paid from “salary” dollars or “expense” dollars?
Since both the purchase reimbursement and monthly reimbursements are paid through Disbursements, these would be paid from expense dollars.
Can the internet access charges of hand held PDA devices be paid by the University and the employee receive a reimbursement for the cell phone portion for their business use of their PDA?
Yes, if the cell phone provider is able to separate the statement and bill the University direct for the internet access portion and bill the employee for the cell phone portion. Some providers can do this and others cannot. No log or record is required for the internet access use, but it is expected that the primary purpose is for business use.
What kind of memberships or certifications for an employee can be paid by a department?
It all comes down to benefit. Does the University benefit by the employee joining as a member, i.e. will I learn? Will UF get a better employee? etc. As long as it is job related, memberships are an allowable expenditure. While you always want to choose the cheapest choice, which is usually institutional memberships, the situation should be taken into consideration. Individual memberships are allowed, but if you have multiple people that want to join you should choose an institutional membership, if possible.
Certifications are different. They must be required to hold the job for the University to pay for them for an employee. This includes things like medical boards or law exams. If the certification is preferred for the position, it cannot be paid for by the University.

All Other Inquiries

Can checks be picked up?
For UF Departments, see the instructions located here:
Payments and Cancellations – ChecksFor DSO’s only:
Checks are disbursed directly to the supplier at the address specified in the voucher on the “payments tab” under “remit to:” in the payee field. For alternate handling of a check, pickup or alternate delivery address, an Alternate Check Delivery form must be completed and received in Disbursement Services before the scheduled payment due date on the voucher. The completed form and invoice/supporting documentation should be faxed to (352) 392-0081 or emailed to payments@admin.ufl.edu. This form will authorize Disbursements to distribute the check only to the person listed on the form. The authorization portion of the form does not need to be completed if the check is addressed to the person picking it up. A photo ID will be required to validate identification.
Where do I send a check that I need cancelled?
Banking Area, University Disbursement Services, PO Box 115350, with explanation why check is being cancelled.
How can I find out if a check has cleared the bank?
Navigate to: Accounts Payable>Review Accounts Payable Info>Payments>Payment Key the check number in the reference field then Search. Click on the Payment. Reference ID link in the results.