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Payments and Cancellations

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of processing payments.  Payments are selected within myUFL based on the scheduled pay dates.

Reason for Directive

University departments must follow payment procedures to ensure accuracy of payments.

Who must comply?

All University of Florida departments.


Once printed, checks are disbursed and mailed twice a week.

  • Checks are disbursed directly to the supplier at the address specified in the voucher on the “Payments” tab under “Remit To:” in the payee field

When checks are returned to Disbursements the department will be contacted, if necessary, to determine how to resolve the issue that caused the return.

For alternate handling of a check, choose the appropriate Special Payment instruction in the Invoice Header section of myUF Marketplace as follows (justification is required).

Note: You must “assign” the invoice to yourself in order to work it and request special handling.

02 – Request Express Check – allows a same day payment request.  Department Level 1 or Department Level 2 will approve the transaction in the myUFMarketplace system and select a Payment Handling Code of “02-Request Express Check”.  Provide a justification and instructions in the Payment Handling Justification Box.

03- Request Check Pickup – allows a departmental user to come pick up a check.  The Payment Handling Justification Box will need to be completed with contact information

04- Send check with Attached – this allows a user to attach needed documentation that must go along with the payment to the supplier.  Use the “Attachment feature” of myUFMarketplace to attach the documents needed

05- Mail to alternate address – allows for mailing of check to address other than what is stated on the check.  Disbursements will contact you to resolve any Supplier address issues

06-Other – this allows a departmental user to add information not contained in one of the 5 selections above

Alternate Check Delivery

  1. Fax the Alternate Check Delivery Form to Disbursements at (352) 392-0081
  2. Place a Help Desk ticket by going to Finance Hub (tfaforms.net) and completing the contact form or
  3. Attach the Alternate Delivery form to the voucher in the myUFMarketplace.

Bank Wires

Bank Wires are primarily used for the direct transfer of currency to the supplier’s (usually foreign) bank.  In the case of payments in foreign currency, a currency converter should be used to convert the foreign funds to U.S. Dollars using the date the payment is entered into myUF Marketplace.

Supplier requests Payment in US dollars (Wire paid through Accounts Payable)

  1. Work with Supplier Maintenance to ensure the supplier is established in the myUFL system.  Bank Wire information must be supplied to Supplier Maintenance for input into the supplier file when the supplier is established
  2. Approve an invoice in the myUF Marketplace system
  3. The voucher builds in the myUFL system once all approvals have been obtained
  4. Send an email to Special Payments, payments@admin.ufl.edu with “Bank Wire Voucher” as the subject line to prevent the payment from being sent

Supplier Requests Payment in Foreign Currency (Wire Paid through Banking & Merchant Services)

  1. Work with Supplier Maintenance to ensure the Supplier is established in the myUFL system.  Bank Wire information must be supplied to Supplier Maintenance for input into the supplier file when the supplier is established.  Supplier Maintenance will send the banking information to Banking & Merchant Services so a template can be created for this supplier in the Financial Management system
  2. Supplier sends an invoice to be paid in foreign currency
  3. The amount in foreign currency is converted to USD and the invoice is created in the myUF Marketplace system input at the USD amount
  4. Approve the invoice in myUF Marketplace system
  5. The voucher builds in the myUFL system once all approvals have been obtained
  6. Send an email to notify Banking & Merchant Services (investments@admin.ufl.edu) informing them of the amount of the wire to be processed and the currency the payment should be made in
  7. Send an email to Special Payments (payments@admin.ufl.edu) with “Bank Wire Voucher” as the subject line to prevent the payment from being sent.
  8. Once the Invoice has been input, an Outgoing Bank Wire Form is required to be completed containing all banking information for the wire transfer
  9. The completed Bank Wire form is sent to University Banking & Merchant Services at (352) 846-3576 or e-mailed to investments@admin.ufl.edu

Payment Cancellations

Disbursements should process payment cancellations only if the payment was made or transmitted in error or is no longer justified.  This is to ensure that improper or unjustified payments are not made after a check has been processed.  A stop payment is not used to expedite the payment to a payee.

There is a 30 day wait period for stop payments (exceptions detailed below), therefore, delays in postal services is not a valid reason to request a stop payment.


Duplicate checks (void and reissue of check) – A duplicate check will be reissued only in the case where the original check is in possession of Disbursements or the department.

  1. The payment will be voided, and the original voucher will be reissued, altered if needed per the department
  2. The payment will be rescheduled for subsequent disbursement at the corrected amount
  3. Return the check to the Banking area of Disbursements, PO Box 115350 or call (352) 392-1241 for assistance

Stop payment of check – Stop payments will be entered to reissue payments to suppliers or to perform payment cancellations (void).  A stop payment for reissue of a check or voids will be utilized when the original check is not in the possession of Disbursements or the department.

  1. Supplier/Payee will complete the Affidavit for Duplicate Check Form
  2. Disbursements will wait 30 days after the original check is issued before placing a stop payment, except for the following situations:
    • Theft
    • Forgery
    • Error in amount, payee, or address
    • Payment was made but goods or services should not have been paid due to non-conforming goods/services, or non-delivery

Voids – When a payment simply needs to be cancelled and not reissued, Disbursements will void the payment and cancel the original voucher that created the transaction.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


UF HR Toolkit – Creating a Non-PO Invoice

UF HR Toolkit – myUF Marketplace


Disbursements: (352) 392-1241

Banking & Merchant Services: (352) 392-9057

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