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Quick Guide for myUF Marketplace


Department Approvers (Invoices)

myUF Market: Department Roles (Requisition)

Who Should be the Approver?

myUF Marketplace

View information about myUF Marketplace, including FAQs for the new system

myUF Marketplace Zoom Sessions

myUF Marketplace Monthly ZOOM April 2024

Topics on the Agenda covered:

  • Timely Invoice Approvals and Payments
  • Leaving a manual invoice blank – $0 dollar invoices with quantity of 0
  • Closing out fully vouchered POs
  • Budget Errors
  • Tips for getting ready for FY Year End

SEA Invoicing for Amazon and Removing Invoices from POs [December 13, 2023 Recording]

Topics on the Agenda covered:

  • SEA
  • Amazon Invoices
  • Removing an Invoice from a PO

Workflow [September 19, 2023 Recording]

Topics on the Agenda covered:

  • Workflow
  • How to find where your documents are for your department
  • Workflow steps for requisitions, change orders, POs and invoices

New Features in the myUF Marketplace Quarterly Upgrade to 23.1 on Monday March 20, 2023 [March 15, 2023 Recording]

Topics on the Agenda Covered:

  • Change Orders – can now bring in fully vouchered lines for an increase, add/delete attachments and comments
  • Copying distributions to other lines now includes selecting ChartFields
  • Invoicing – use the Match to PO Line action to link an invoice line to a PO line for matching purposes


Invoices [February 15, 2023 Recording]

Topics on the Agenda Covered:

  • How to find your returned invoices and how to delete them
  • How to search for Pending Invoices
  • How to fill out an Amount Only form so invoices won’t go into error
  • How to Close POs to Release Encumbrances – Best Practice


Selecting the Right Account Code with General Accounting’s Patrice Lecomte and Dennis Nguyen, Asset Management’s Jessica Ropicki and Sherry Adams, and Construction Accounting’s Brenda Harrell [December 14, 2022 Recording]


UF HR Toolkit – myUF Marketplace

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