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Department Approvers


myUF Marketplace requires two levels of approval for Non-PO Invoices (unencumbered).  There are two different roles for each level of department approver in myUF Marketplace:

  1. Department Level 1 Approver: This person will work and approve invoices within the department and can create Non-PO Invoices (there can be multiple for each Department ID)
  2. Department Level 2 Approver: This is the second level department approver which is commonly your department’s requisition financial approver and/or supervisor (there can be multiple for each Department ID)

Financial approvers are responsible for the appropriate use of funds, ensuring monies are spent in accordance with the funding source, a valid business purpose is provided, and aligned with the intent of the fund.  Resources for assisting a Financial Approver are: (1) PRO302 – The Color of Money: A Guide to How Moneys May Be Spent at UF; and (2) Who Should be the Approver guidelines.

Important: After requesting the appropriate role, complete the Department ID myUF Marketplace Authorized Approver Form for Requisitions and Invoices and e-mail the form to  myUFMarketplace@ufl.edu.

Whenever possible, there should be at least two approvers for each level, so there is coverage when someone is out.

Why is a second level approval required?

Non-PO Invoices (unencumbered) require a second level of approval to ensure there are at least two people involved in every transaction.  PO Invoices (encumbered) went through the approval process up front, before the purchase was completed.  Since Non-PO Invoices did not have that approval up front, the second level approval prior to payment provides that second set of eyes.  We are all human, and therefore, we can all make mistakes.  A second level of approval not only protects the University, but also the people involved in the transaction.  Remember – trust but verify!

Department Level 1 Approvers

  • Approve PO Invoices for payments
  • Enter a PO Invoice (for encumbered payments) or a Non-PO Invoice (for unencumbered payments) into the system
  • Add supporting documents, comments and attachments to invoices
  • Add ChartField information to invoices (to allocate the expense to the general ledger)

Department Level 2 Approvers

  • Approve Non-PO Invoices (second level) and PO Invoices that have not met the two-person approval rule in the myUF Marketplace
  • Enter a PO Invoice (for encumbered payments) – they cannot enter a Non-PO Invoice!
  • Add supporting documents, comments and attachments to invoices
  • Assign a substitute Department Level 2 Approver for absences

Key Differences

Only Department Level 1 Approvers can enter a Non-PO Invoice into myUF Marketplace for payment and add ChartField information to invoices.

Only Department Level 2 Approvers can approve a Non-PO Invoice for payment and assign a substitute approver for absences.



An encumbrance represents a commitment, which generally results from the issuance of a purchase order, for which goods or services being purchased have not yet been received.


Unencumbered expenditures do not “commit” funds and bypass the normal purchasing process (as seen in a purchase order).  Therefore, they are limited to certain expenditures and require additional approval after the purchase is made, but prior to payment of the invoice.  An encumbered expenditure has that additional approval prior to the purchase.

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05/11/2020: updated content


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