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One-Time Payments (Refunds)


One-time payments in myUF Marketplace are only to be used for refunds.  Users must begin by updating their profiles for PO Business Unit.

Update Your Profile for Business Unit

To process a one-time payment in myUF Marketplace, begin by updating your profile.

  1. Navigate to View my Profile and click “Default User Settings”
  2. Select “Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults” > Navigate to the “Codes” tab
  3. Select “Edit” on PO Business Unit
  4. Click “Create New Value” and enter your Business Unit in the value field.
  5. Click “Search” and select your Business Unit.
  6. Click “Add Values”
  7. Click on Business Unit (to the left) and select “Default.” Click “Save.”  You can then close the screen.

Enter the One-Time Payment

After you have set up the Business Unit in your profile, you will follow the steps in the Create a Non-PO Invoice instruction guide.  Keep the following requirements for one-time payments in mind:

  1. Always use 0000177181 Supplier ID (Search for Single Payment Supplier)
  2. When prompted, enter the person’s name (max length 40 characters) and address in the fields below the supplier information
  3. You will be able to enter your unique supplier invoice number (max length is 30 characters.)
  4. Business Purpose and Invoice Owner are required for all transactions.  This is located on the Buyer Invoice tab, top left General section.  You will be required to add an attachment as well.

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04/30/2021: reviewed content


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