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myUF Marketplace Overview and Key Changes


On Oct. 28, 2019, the University of Florida introduced a new single procure-to-pay system designed to streamline processes for our faculty and staff.  A joint initiative of the Division of Finance & Accounting and UF Procurement Services, myUF Marketplace combined processes that were previously completed via two systems, myUF Market and myUF Payment Solutions (MPS), into one integrated solution.

Key Changes

Below is a summary of some of the key changes that occurred with the implementation of myUF Marketplace:

  • There are now two levels of departmental approval set in the system, based on roles:
    • Department Level 1 Approver (role: UF_N_MKT_REQUESTOR)
    • Department Level 2 Approver (role: UF_N_MKT_FINANCIAL_APPROVER)
  • ADV006: Fund Administrator Training is required for both levels of department approvers as a result of the elimination of the UFF-PA form.
  • Department Level 2 approval is required for ALL Non-Purchase Order payments (unencumbered)
  • A Business Purpose is now required to be documented in myUF Marketplace for ALL requisitions
  • University Purchasing Cards (PCards) are no longer allowed to be used as a payment method in myUF Marketplace (they can still be used on purchases made outside of myUF Marketplace)
  • The Amount Only (Blanket) Form has a new name: Declining Balance (Blanket) Form
  • The form selected automatically includes the appropriate distribution method (“Distribute by Amount” or “Distribute by Quantity”).  Therefore, you no longer need to manually select it.
  • Users are no longer able to “copy a cart” from requisitions created on prior forms (since they changed) if the order was created prior to 10/28/19.  Copied carts will reject and notify the Department Level 1 Approver they need to use the new form.
  • Changes to Purchase Orders (called “Change Orders”) are initiated by Department Level 1 Approvers and route through workflow in myUF Marketplace, then transfer directly to myUFL.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Changes Orders with split distributions functionality will allow departments to change any ChartField information.  The functionality for Change Orders with split distributions (multiple ChartFields) is not currently available.  Disbursements is working to resolve this issue and will update this page and all communication when it is resolved.  In the meantime, please be sure to follow the revised Change Order instruction guide (starting at Step #6) to successfully process a change order with a split distribution.
  • Requests to close Purchase Orders are initiated by Department Level 1 Approvers and are now automated (finalization in myUFL is no longer required).
  • The “Bill To” will default to UF’s new mailing address for invoices (PO Box 3357, Scranton, PA 18505).
  • myUF Marketplace will be programmed to provide for Select Expedited Approval (SEA), meaning invoices received from specific vendors for $500 or less will automatically approve (no departmental approval required) and flow to myUFL to build the voucher for payment.

University-wide Participation

Prior to implementing myUF Marketplace, in 2018, representatives from throughout the university were invited to participate in focus groups to provide information and feedback to inform the development of the new system.  Current state, future state, and demo discussion sessions were held, and representatives were invited to take information about the new system back to their departments to gather further feedback.

We continue to seek feedback from campus to modify or update the system, develop resources, and revise training.  Do you have a suggestion? Please e-mail controller-office@ad.ufl.edu!

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Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


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