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Searching in myUF Marketplace


There are multiple ways to search for documents in myUF Marketplace – related documents will appear in the search results.  Search options include:

  1. Quick Search
  2. Orders Icon
  3. Accounts Payable Icon
  4. Search Tile on AP Home
  5. Document Search Tile on AP Home

Below is information on navigation, what to enter, and other tips for the different search options.

Quick Search is a fast way to find a document (along with related documents) when you know the document identifying number (such as the PO or Invoice number).

Navigation in myUF Marketplace: At the top right of the home screen for myUF Marketplace is a search box (1).  It defaults to “All,” or the dropdown can be changed to a specific document type.  Enter the document identification number in the search box (2).



Orders Icon

The search options in the Orders Icon can also be thought of as “advanced” search.  This search option allows for ALL criteria that could apply to a transaction, providing the capability to search by Department ID, Approver, supplier, etc.

This is especially helpful if you are looking for all the documents for your Department ID or do not have identifying information for the document.

Navigation in myUF Marketplace: Orders Icon > Search > Search/Export > Click the “Advanced Search” link > Invoices

What to enter? It depends on the information you need or already know.  For a broad search, such as all the invoices for a specific Department ID (or a range of Department IDs), scroll to the “Custom Fields” section at the bottom of the page.  You can change the dropdown from “Is Exactly” to “Starts With” or “In Between” to get results within a range.

After searching, you can click on any of the fields on the left side of the results page to filter.  For example, if you wanted to see all the invoices you approved, you can click on your name under “Approvers” to view only those invoices in your search results.

Accounts Payable Icon

There are several search options in Accounts Payable Icon.  These are similar to Quick Search, in that you can enter known identifying information (such as the Invoice Number) to find the related documents.

Navigation in myUF Marketplace: Accounts Payable Icon > Options are in the pop-up menu

AP Home Page

There are two tiles on the AP Home page that provide searching capabilities.

  1. Search Tile: The Search Tile on the AP Home page contains established searches for standard types of AP transactions.
  2. Document Search Tile: The Document Search tile is a shortcut to the same type of search found in the Orders Icon (Advanced Search).  Most Approvers work from the AP Home page, so this allows a user to search without navigating to a different icon. It defaults to a quick search, but allows for changing to an advanced search.

Navigation in myUF Marketplace: Accounts Payable Icon > AP Home

Additional Tips

  • If fields are left blank, the results will return transactions for the entire University.  Criteria should be input to narrow the search, depending on the expected results.
  • In myUF Marketplace, the field “Supplier Invoice Number” relates to the invoice number from the supplier.
  • In the Orders Icon Advanced Search, the Custom Fields include searches by ChartFields.
  • In the Orders Icon Advanced Search, scrolling past the “Invoice” heading provides a chance to enter a wide variety of other options, such as the PO number, all Non-PO Invoices, etc.

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Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


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