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RPP Study Fund Management

Directive Statement

Research Participant Payment study funds must be safeguarded against theft or misuse.  In addition:

  • RPP study funds must be spent appropriately and in accordance with UF policy
  • Records must be maintained for study funds
  • Payment activity must be reconciled

Reason for Directive

Cost Analysis is responsible for the stewardship of Research Participant Payments. This directive provides assurance that payments will be well-safeguarded, appropriately managed, and properly used.

Who Must Comply?

All University departments.


Securing the RPP Study Fund

The Custodian is responsible for safeguarding the payments provided (cash, prepaid VISA cards both loaded/unloaded, and/or gift cards) against theft or misuse.  RPP Study Fund Requests (SFR) must be modified and approved by the Department Approver for changes to the location or Custodian of the RPP Study Fund.  Until the custodianship has been transferred and approved by the Department Approver, the Custodian will continue to be held responsible for the RPP Study Fund.

The Custodian must safeguard the RPP Study Fund:

  1. Keep the study funds physically safe, such as using a lockbox kept in a locked drawer or cabinet
  2. Limit the number of people with direct access to the payments
  3. Keep any key or code combination for the lockbox in a secure place that is not accessible to anyone who does not have authorized access to the RPP Study Fund
  4. The key or combination code must change when there are any staff changes involving those with authorized use of the key or access code
  5. RPP Study Funds should never be left unattended or unsecured

Commingling of RPP Study Funds

Payments for multiple studies should never be commingled

  1. RPP Study Funds must be kept physically separate from any other funds, including payment types for any other RPP Study Fund Request, and separate from any other department or personal money
  2. Funds may never be deposited into a personal bank account – even temporarily – for any reason
  3. If a Custodian has more than one RPP Study Fund, there should be separate lockboxes or other storage for each RPP Study Fund
  4. Custodians are not allowed to “supplement” one RPP Study Fund with payments from another – that is considered commingling of funds

Reconciling the RPP Study Fund

The RPP Study Fund should be reconciled by comparing the amount of payments on hand with logged payments.

  1. The RPP Study Fund should be reconciled at least once a month
  2. Someone independent of the Custodian should perform the reconciliation
  3. The principal investigator (PI) should compare research stipend cash receipts with the RPP payment log and confirm the appropriate persons were paid and paid the correct amount
  4. Management will review and approve all RPP Study Fund reconciliations for accuracy
  5. Management review and approval will be based on verification that all payments are accurately recorded and are reflected in myUFL (UF’s official accounting record) and RPP
  6. Retain the monthly reconciliations and payment records for the current and previous fiscal year – this is required for auditing purposes

Theft or Loss

Any discrepancies in the RPP Study Fund payments must be investigated and resolved.

  1. Notify Cost Analysis in the case of any discrepancy or loss
  2. If there is any suspicion of theft, immediately notify both the University Police Department (392-1111) and Cost Analysis (392-5778)

Cash Fund Management

The Research Participant Payment Office follows the directives and procedures set forth by Banking and Merchant Services Cash Fund Management. To see more information related to that subject, please visit https://www.fa.ufl.edu/directives/cash-fund-management/

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 06/28/2024


Cash Fund Management

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TRM200 – Explaining UF Cash/Check Controls

PRV800 – HIPAA General Awareness

PRV804 – Protecting Social Security Numbers

RSH320 – Human Subject Payment


Cost Analysis: (352) 392-5778


Contracts & Grants: (352) 392-1235

Disbursements: (352) 392-1241

University Police Department: (352) 392-1111

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