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Research Participant Payments

Providing payments to research participants, including getting started, managing and recording payments, securing payments, and extending a study.

  • Security Roles

    Security Roles and Required Trainings The following roles are related to the Study Fund Request section of Research Participant Payments...
  • Overview of RPP

    Directive Statement Anyone who pays research participants, other than in-kind, will need to use the University of Florida Research Participant...
  • RPP Study Fund Management

    Directive Statement Research Participant Payment study funds must be safeguarded against theft or misuse.  In addition: RPP study funds must...
  • Making and Recording RPP Payments

    Directive Statement Research Participant Payments must be spent appropriately in accordance with University of Florida policy, the terms of a...
  • Closing or Extending a Study

    Directive Statement The Custodian for a Research Participant Payment Study Fund must return unused cash/gift cards/prepaid cards to Cost Analysis...
  • Instruction Guides and Training

  • Research Participant Payments Forms and Resources

    Forms RPP Approver Authorization Request Form This form is designed for departments needing to setup authorized approvers to review and...
  • Payment Types Available

    The Research Participant Payment Office offers a variety of payment types for selections to use for your studies. These are available to all types of studies, including those that are not research related.