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Research Participant Payments

Providing payments to human subject research participants, including getting started, managing and recording payments, securing payments, and extending a study.

  • Overview & Security Roles

    Directive Statement Effective July 14, 2014, anyone who pays research participants (other than in-kind payments, mechanical turk payments, or Prolific...
  • Getting Started

    Directive Statement Anyone who pays research participants (other than in-kind, mechanical turk payments, or Prolific Academic payments) will need to...
  • HSP Study Fund Management

    Directive Statement Human Subject Payment study funds must be safeguarded against theft or misuse.  In addition: HSP study funds must...
  • Making and Recording HSP Payments

    Directive Statement Human Subject Payments must be spent appropriately in accordance with University of Florida policy, the terms of a...
  • Closing or Extending a Study

    Directive Statement The Custodian for a Human Subject Payment Study Fund must return unused cash/gift cards/prepaid cards to Banking &...
  • Instruction Guides and Training