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Guidelines for Use of Survey Companies

The use of survey companies that include any type of Participant Payments may be used if the request meets the following criteria:

  • The request must be submitted as a requisition through myUF Marketplace
    • No Personal Reimbursements
    • No PCard Direct Charges
  • The requisition must include:
    • the quotation for the use of the chosen company
    • detailed cost of payments per participant
  • The dollar amount per participant per survey does not exceed $50 per survey response
    • If the dollar amount is $50 or more this must be processed through the Research Participant Payment System and a different survey vendor will need to be used that does not directly compensate the participants.
    • Contact hsp@admin.ufl.edu for further assistance.
  • If the requisition total is over $10,000, Procurement requires two additional, competitive quotations be attached to the requisition to show price reasonableness.

For each survey a two-line requisition should be created.  One line for the payment (Account code 719500 should be used) to participants, and the other line for the fee (Account code 719300 should be used).  The commodity code for both lines should be 81000000 Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services.

Requisitions will automatically route to the Research Participant Payment team and will be reviewed for the above criteria before approving the requisitions. Once the requisition has been approved a PO will be created and automatically sent to the supplier.

The companies listed below are currently approved for this process:

  • Prolific – supplier number 0000236369
  • YouGov – supplier number 000235337
  • Dynata – supplier number 0000237470
  • Knowledge Networks – supplier number 0000118152
  • Qualtrics – supplier number 0000196940
  • Prime Research Solutions LLC (Connect by CloudResearch) – supplier number 0000230645

For instructions on how to create a requisition in myUF Marketplace please see the following instruction guide: https://training.hr.ufl.edu/instructionguides/myuf_marketplace/CompletingRequisition_myUFMarketplaceNewScreens.pdf

If your department is interested in using MTurk for any reason, please contact Procurement using procurement@ufl.edu.

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Last reviewed on 03/20/2024