University Disbursements: FAQs

Can checks be picked up?
Checks are disbursed directly to the vendor at the address specified in the voucher on the “payments tab” under “remit to:” in the payee field. For alternate handling of a check, pickup or alternate delivery address, an Alternate Check Delivery form must be completed and received in Disbursement Services before the scheduled payment due date on the voucher. The completed form and invoice/supporting documentation should be faxed to 352-392-0081 or emailed to This form will authorize Disbursements to distribute the check only to the person listed on the form. The authorization portion of the form does not need to be completed if the check is addressed to the person picking it up. A photo ID will be required to validate identification.
I need the scheduled pay date changed on a voucher. Whom do I speak with?
Email  and provide a justification.
Where do I send a check that I need cancelled?
Banking Area, University Disbursement Services, PO Box 115350, with explanation why check is being cancelled.
I am looking at the image attached to the voucher and all I can see is the first page, it is not clear and I also have trouble printing?
Try navigating to UF Document Imaging. The images are much more crisp and printer friendly.
How can I find out if a check has cleared the bank?
Navigate to: Accounts Payable>Review Accounts Payable Info>Payments>Payment Key the check number in the reference field then Search. Click on the Payment. Reference ID link in the results.
Why does my Wireless Device payment post to my ledger for the total amount when payments are made monthly?
The total amount of the voucher posts to the General Ledger in the month the voucher is approved and posts. A liability account is created for the payment and relieved each subsequent month a payment is made.
How do I correct a field in a voucher when the field is grayed out?
If the voucher has not actually paid, you can e-mail our disbursements folder at and we will take the proper measures to open those fields for you.
Why can’t I input more than one invoice per voucher?
PeopleSoft is designed to detect duplicate payments based on vendor number and invoice number. If there are multiple invoices, the system will not be able to detect those potential duplicates.
Who input this voucher?
When you pull up a voucher it defaults to the summary screen. On that screen you can see who input, the voucher and when. You can also see the last person to update it.
What is the first thing I should do if I am a new travel processor?
Take the UF Travel Directives Workshop (PRO306) and Travel and Expense – 9.1 (PST930).
I want to create a Travel Authorization or an Expense Report for someone in my department but when I go to create it, their UFID isn’t there. What should I do?
Email asking them to link you to that person. You will need to provide yours and their UFID.
I did an expense report on Friday when should the traveler expect payment?
The pay cycle for Travel & Expense runs twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Expense Reports that are approved on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday pay on Tuesday (EFT shows up in bank account on Wednesday). Expense Reports approved on Tuesday and Wednesday pay on Thursday (EFT shows up in bank account on Friday).
What about collision insurance coverage when renting from AVIS?
The state of Florida rental contract with AVIS contains insurance coverage if the Avis Worldwide Discount No. A113400 is used when renting a vehicle. This applies to all types of vehicles.
Can I pay someone for services via Expense Report?
No. Services are considered taxable income. In order to comply with IRS regulations, we need these payments to go through the Accounts payable module.
My TA is still showing as an open encumbrance report. How can I get this removed?
Send an e-mail to . Include the TA number and the ER number that it is linked to and the travel team will research it for you.
I used to be able to see travel transactions for an employee, but I can no longer pull them up?
Use the following navigation: Enter the employee’s UFID, Go to the organizational Data tab, enter the employee’s supervisor’s UFID, click save.
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