Asset Management maintaines two listservs to assist the UF community with asset management.

To join a listserv, send an e-mail to with subscribe UF-Property-L firstname lastname or subscribe UF_PROPERTY_SWAP-L firstname lastname as the body.

Example:  subscribe Alberta Gator

    1. Property Listserv ( – This listserv includes all Property Custodians, Property Contacts, and UF staff members who are interested in property issues. Asset Management uses this listserv to communicate with the campus community on property issues (List Archive is available).
    2. Property Swap ( – The UF community uses this listserv to find a home for unneeded UF furniture. This listserv is open to all staff. Postings on this web site should include a description of the items and a picture if possible. Any furniture acquired through this web site must continue to serve the UF community and is not available for personal or private use.