Asset Management

PO Box 115300 | 116 Elmore Hall | Gainesville, FL 32611-5300
Phone: (352) 392-2556 | Fax: (352) 392-4687

Asset Management provides support services to the University community to facilitate the management and disposal of tangible personal property UF possesses. Its mission is to establish uniform directives and procedures for accountability, control and disposal of state-owned and government-owned equipment entrusted to the care of University employees, and to provide quality support services to its customers in a responsible and accountable manner.

Asset Management Employee Directory

List of Asset Management (including UF Surplus) employees, their contact information, and their areas of responsibility.

Annual Inventory, Off-Site Certifications, Foreign Travel with Equipment Request

Annual inventory, off-site certifications, inaccessible locations, and foreign travel with equipment request.

Capital Assets and Attractive Property Management

Management of capital assets and attractive property include the acquisition, decaling, transferring, and disposing of capital assets, attractive property, federal property and real property.

Electronic Media Secure Disposal Service

UF Surplus provides the electronic media secure disposal service for the University of Florida and Shands. UF requires the destruction of data on electronic equipment being disposed, transferred or reused. This includes all forms of electronic media, such as hard drives, solid-state and flash drives, tapes, and devices with built-in storage. UF Surplus provides secure electronic media disposal service in compliance with UFIT and UF Health IT requirements. Media will be either sanitized to the Department of Defense (DOD) standards or destroyed to make the data unreadable.

Tags, Titles, and Tolls to Vehicles, Vessels, Trailers and Aircraft

Asset Management is the only department authorized to obtain license plates, titles, or registrations for all UF vehicles, vessels, trailers, or aircraft from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Asset Management forwards all vehicle toll violations to the applicable department.


Asset Management has four training courses to help you become familiar with the rules and regulations of property at UF and enable you to manage property through myAssets.

UF Surplus

In support of UF Strategic Plan and UF’s sustainability initiative, UF Surplus reuses, refurbishes and recycles surplus property received from UF departments, Direct Support Organizations, Health Science Center Affiliates and Shands Hospital. UF Surplus is responsible for picking up, transferring, recycling, selling, and disposing of surplus property for the University of Florida.


List of frequently asked questions for annual inventory, capital assets and attractive property management, tags and titles, and UF Surplus.

Step-by-step Guides

Step-by-step instructions on various Asset Management and UF Surplus items.