Emergency Check Request Policies and Procedures

Prior to submitting an Emergency Check Request, review this page.

Requesting an Emergency Check

  • Emergency checks are processed every week but have specific submission deadline dates for the request. Please verify the submission deadline dates on the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule sent on the listserv. Be aware that deadlines are likely to change during accelerated payroll periods.
  • Employee must be short at least 20% of their normal biweekly FTE. If not, the correction should be made the next pay period.
  • Employee must have entered their time by the designated deadline for time entry. If the employee did not enter their time worked by the deadline, an emergency check will not be approved, regardless of the % of underpayment.
  • Please indicate any extenuating circumstances on the check request form.
  • Please verify that a distribution has been entered for the employee prior to sending the request form. We cannot process an emergency check without a distribution being in the system.
  • These checks are not paid by EFT. The employee will receive a paper check.
  • Be aware that cancellation of the regular payroll check and replacement with an emergency check can impact the employee’s benefits, since some deductions are not taken from these checks and there is the potential for a missing payment on health insurance or other issues. Please instruct the employee to contact HR Benefits to verify that all coverage are up to date with payment.
  • Please be aware that the emergency check is issued in the place of the normal bi-weekly EFT payment

Mailing of Emergency Checks

  • Checks are mailed to the employee’s local address in myUFL on Thursdays for delivery to local addresses on Friday.
  • Please verify the employee’s address prior to submitting the request form to us. It can take up to 2 weeks to get a replacement if the check is sent to an incorrect address.
  • The department payroll processor will be notified when the check is ready.
  • If the department wants to have a representative pick up the check on Friday, please advise the payroll staff by replying to the email notification that the check is ready.
  • Exceptions may be made for delivery to remote UF locations. Please contact us in regards to delivery to a remote UF office.

If the department is requesting emergency payment of time worked for a non-exempt (hourly) employee, you may be asked by Payroll Services to delete previously entered time in order to avoid a duplicate payment for the same hours on the next on-cycle payroll. When the department is asked to delete time worked, whether in Punch or Elapsed, for non-exempt employees, it is the department’s responsibility to ask the employee to delete the time on their timesheet. The time must be deleted prior to the emergency check being processed for that time.

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