Treasury Management

PO Box 112008 | S-113 Criser Hall | Gainesville, FL 32611-2008
Phone: (352) 392-9057 | Fax: (352) 846-3576 |



Treasury Management oversees the University’s banking relationships, manages cash balances and investments, and reconciles UF’s financial records with bank accounts. In addition, this area establishes standards for collection and write-off amounts owed to the University and administers credit card and e-commerce activities.

Cash Handling and Controls

Information related to the correct processing and handling of cash and checks is provided in this section.

Credit & Debit Card Operations

This section provided comprehensive information about the opening, maintenance, and closing of credit card merchant accounts at the University of Florida, including manual credit card processing and eCommerce. Additional information regarding Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCD DSS) is provided. University core campus merchants are responsible for compliance with the PCI DSS, as monitored by Treasury Management.


The University of Florida receives revenue daily in many forms.  This section provides details about how to receive and record deposits.

Cash Funds

This section provides information on how to open, maintain and eventually close the three types of cash funds—Research Stipends, Change and Petty Cash.

Outgoing Wires

Outgoing domestic and international wires require the completion of a bank wire form and a properly approved voucher.


The Uniform Cash Receipt program oversees receipts for cash or checks received in-person.

Uncollectible Accounts Write-Off

Includes information about the submission of write-off requests of uncollectible accounts receivable, returned checks, adjustments or credit balances.