Payroll Distributions Listserv

This listserv is role-generated for employees with the UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_TRAINEE, UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN and the UF_KA_PAYROLL_BUDGETING roles.

Security Roles

  • UF_KA_BUDGETING_INQUIRY —- only use for inquiry/review access only
  • UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN – used for creating/editing department budget tables at the department level and this role will receive listserv emails. Note that at Main Menu > Access Request System > Requests > Account Code Security, the DSA (Department Security Administrator) must indicate what department ID’s access will be given to in order for the security role to work. Updating the Account Code Security will take an overnight process for it to become effective.
  • UF_KA_PAYROLL_BUDGETING — only to be used by the college/VP level processors or Payroll Core Office of Finance and Administration. This role will receive listserv emails.
  • UF_KA_PAYROLL_BUDGETING_ADMIN – restricted for use by Payroll Core Office only.

All security roles will have access to Enterprise Reports. Only one security role is needed and allowed and no need for multiple roles.

In order to obtain the UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_TRAINEE role, you need to take PST985 Commitment Accounting Basics training. This role expires after 90 days and users will need to take PST986 Commitment Accounting Advanced training prior to expiration to then obtain the UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN security role.

Individuals with UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN and UF_KA_PAYROLL_BUDGETING security roles will be required to take PST985 Commitment Accounting Basics training and PST986 Commitment Accounting Advanced training every three years. These training classes were implemented 3/1/16. Those grandfathered in will need to take this training at the three-year expiration (3/1/19) and those who have taken training after 3/1/16 will need to retake the training three years after they originally completed the training.

Distribution Listserv

The distribution listserv is sent on Monday through Friday of the week that includes the pay period end date.

  • The listserv on Monday and Tuesday includes the Regular Missing Distribution List. This list includes all employees who do not have a distribution.
  • The listserv on Wednesday through Friday includes the Regular Missing Distribution List and the Special Missing Distribution List. The Special Missing Distribution list includes employees who have a check created for the current pay cycle but still require a distribution. Employees who do not have a distribution by 12:00 noon on the day payroll closes (typically Friday following the end of the pay cycle) will not be paid.

Periodic “special information” listserv messages containing updates from Payroll and Tax Services and/or Enterprise Systems may also be sent.

If you have any questions regarding the listserv message, you may reply to the sender of the message