Staying Informed

FI User Group

The FI User Group is a monthly meeting where core office staff and campus community can coordinate and collaborate together to improve and explore the business processes that encompass financial operations at the University of Florida. The purpose of the group is to foster communication between the campus community and core offices, improve customer service, promote open discussions to share expertise, issues, and challenges, construct solutions, enhance training, simplify reporting, and promote best practices to facilitate continuous improvement in business processes.

To be added to the group listserv, email Kimberly Cruce or Patrice Lecomte.  Previous meeting notes and presentations can be found on the SharePoint site.

Accounting Listserv

Who is it for?

The UFACC listserv is for anyone who works with the UF accounting systems including payables, purchasing, contracts and grants, treasury management, property, budgets, auxiliaries, general ledger, reports, etc.

How do I use it?

Financial systems questions can be sent to the listserv, and users on the list may reply with helpful information to address the question.

How do I sign up?

Send email to In the body of the message, type:

subscribe UFACC-L YourFirstName YourLastName

NOTE: Remove any automatic signatures before sending.

After sending this email, you will get a message back confirming your subscription request. Reply within 48 hours with the body of the message stating “ok.” You will receive a user’s guide by email.

Questions? Please contact Patrice Lecomte.

How do I unsubscribe?

Send e-mail to In the body of the message, type:

unsubscribe UFACC-L

NOTE: Remove any automatic signatures before sending.

How can I access the listserv archives?

Visit the archives at

Questions? Please contact Patrice Lecomte.