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Journal Entries

Journal entries are a method of recording transactions or moving existing transactions in the university’s General Ledger. These transactions can be for cash transfers, expense to expense (E2Es), expense to revenue (E2Rs), deposit corrections (DPCs) or internal service providers (ISPs).

Additional Directives and Information

  • Expense Corrections (E2E)

    Directive Statement Expense to Expense (E2E) journals are used to correct expenses that have been recorded to the General Ledger...
  • Internal Sales and Billing (E2R and ISP)

    Directive Statement The Expense to Revenue (E2R) and Internal Sales Provider (ISP) journals are used to record the sale of...
  • Cash Transfers (ONL)

    Directive Statement Transfer accounts are used to move cash from one cost center to another and at the same time...
  • Deposit Corrections (DPC)

    Directive Statement Deposit Correction (DPC) journals are entered when a deposit’s ChartField string needs to be corrected.  DPC journals will...
  • Other Internal Transactions (ONL)

    Sales Tax Remittance Departments who provide external sales or services and collect sales tax will need to have the sales...
  • Journal Upload

    What is the Journal Upload Process? The journal upload process is a way to import large journals.  This upload process...