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The primary responsibilities of Disbursements is managing the electronic AP and supplier sub-systems, auditing travel expense reports/disbursements and to ensure that suppliers, travelers, University departments and others are paid timely and accurately, and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and University requirements.

Disbursements manages the myUF Payment Solutions system. It is an electronic accounts payable system that allows suppliers to electronically submit invoices to the University. The system routes the invoices to departmental personnel for review and approval. Once approved, the invoice flows to the myUFL accounts payable system to build vouchers and then pay the suppliers. This system aides the University in eliminating extra steps in the accounts payable process and reduces paper in the process.

Coming Soon: myUF Marketplace

Staying Informed

The UFACC listserv allows the UF community to stay informed of issues affecting UF accounting systems.

To join this listserv, send an email to listserv@lists.ufl.edu. In the body of the message, type:

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How Can We Help You?

  • Expenditures

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    The university has many different expenditures. They all have their own guidelines with regards to how their respective transaction(s) should be processed and determining which situations they are allowed. The links below provide detailed guidelines for the different expenditures.

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  • Payments

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    Disbursements ensures that all payments of university funds are made promptly, efficiently, and in accordance with University, State and Federal guidelines.  The processes in this section outline guidelines for payments to vendors for goods and services.

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  • The University requires that adequate information exists for all approved transactions. Click here for more information on directives and procedures for how to submit/upload documentation, view documentation, and send travel expense reports.

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  • Suppliers

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    University Disbursements has processes in place to add suppliers and maintain the supplier file.

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  • Vouchers

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    The University has processes in place to delete and un-post vouchers in the myUFL system when errors have been come across. Additionally, there are voucher entry tips to avoid errors.

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Additional Directives and Information

  • Coming Soon: myUF Marketplace

    Overview In the fall of 2019, UF will introduce a new single procure-to-pay system designed to streamline processes for our faculty and staff. A joint initiative of the Division of Finance and Accounting and UF Procurement Services, myUF Marketplace will streamline processes currently completed via two systems, myUF Market and myUF Payment Solutions (MPS), into […]