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PO Box 113202
Suite 1250 East Campus Office Building
Gainesville, FL 32611-5350

Phone: (352) 294-7236
Fax: (352) 846-0166
Email: ga-aux@ad.ufl.edu

VACANT, Senior Associate Controller
Oversees General Accounting & Financial Reporting, Auxiliary Accounting, Payroll Services, and Tax Services

Beth Groff, Accountant III
Assists with monitoring and providing general accounting and financial guidance to Educational Business Activities (EBAs) and Auxiliaries across Campus including service rates, establishment and maintenance of EBAs, financial review of EBAs, and compliance.

Alexander Hernandez, Accountant III
Assists with providing oversight and guidance to Educational Business Activities (EBA’s) including annual Service Center Rate Reviews, providing financial reporting assistance to EBA personnel, and coordination of the Unrelated Business Income Tax, Sales Tax and other local taxes across campus.

Doris Flores-Siles, Accountant II
Assists with collecting, compiling and filing the university-wide sales tax and local taxes, Unrelated Business Income Tax, new Educational Business Activities (EBA’s), and EBA journal entries.