Treasury Management: FAQs


Who can help me make corrections to my deposit?
Anyone on the Deposit Control team.  Contact us through or call 352-392-9057.
Who can delete a deposit?
ONLY Treasury Management-Deposit Control can delete a deposit. Please contact our office at (352) 392-9057 or and request us to delete the deposit. Include the Deposit Unit and ID.
When entering a deposit in PeopleSoft, how do I change the accounting date on my deposit? 
Navigate in my UFL to: Main Menu>Accounts Receivable>Payment>Directly Journal Payment> Modify Accounting Entries
  • Enter the Deposit Unit and ID
  • Click on Search.
  • Deselect the Complete box
  • Click OK when the warning box is prompted
  • Click Save
Navigate to Accounts Receivable>Payment>Directly Journal Payment>Create Accounting Entries
  • Select the Deposit control tab
  • Change the Accounting Date to the desired date.
  • Select the Accounting entries tab
  • Select the Complete box
  • Click Save
Why is it important to have the support documentation attached to my cash and check deposit?
The support documentation provides support for the Cash/Check receipted with a Uniform Cash Receipts (UCR) or a cash register tape.  It also includes receipted log information for incoming checks.  The support documentation provides data necessary for audit and proper identification to the department’s records.
What accounting date should be used for my deposits?
  • Cash and Check deposits accounting date is determined by the day the deposits is verified by the TM Cashiers.
  • Credit Card accounting date is determined by the settlement date.
  • ACH/Wires accounting is determined by the date on the addendum.
When will my funds be available?
We budget check all deposits daily, which updates your available balance in Commitment Control.
  • Cash and Checks are budget checked after they have been counted and ChartField information validated.
  • Credit Cards and ACH/Wires are budget checked daily after they have been verified and logged.
Why is a voucher number important to include in my deposit of a cash expense refund?
Refunds related to expenses should always be deposited to the same ChartField from which the original expense was paid. Enter the original voucher number, expense report number, or journal ID number in the reference field of the Journal Reference Information Tab when making the deposit. Treasury Management must verify the ChartField information on the original expense against the ChartFields in the deposit.
How do I order a locked bag?
Orders should be sent via email to the University Cashier’s Office and should include the chart field string. The order will be placed by the University Cashier Office and then followed up with an email once the bag is available for pickup and what the current charges will be for the bag.
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Bank Wires

How do I send a bank wire?
The bank wire form is located on the Treasury Management website. This must be completed in full. There must be an approved voucher in the AP system for a wire to be released. Fax the wire form and backup to 846-3576 as well as to AP imaging. If you are sending funds to a foreign vendor for the first time you must contact Tax Services for approval.
Can I send a wire in a foreign currency?
Yes. The amount on the bank wire form should be the amount of the foreign currency you wish to send. Your voucher will be in the equivalent amount of USD. You can do a currency exchange calculation at Keep it mind that this site is a wholesale site and the final amount of the wire in USD will usually be greater than the voucher. We will have the voucher amount corrected at the time of the wire being issued.
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