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Effort Reporting

I have an individual who worked in another department for the previous semester, but is currently employed by my department. What do I do?
Unfortunately, you will have to report her time since the employee is now employed by your department. You will have to either contact the other department or speak with the employee about the activities that he/she worked on in the summer. We have asked our technical folks for the ability to be able to assign employees to different departments, but it is not an easy fix and probably won't be available this term.
I am working on the Summer Term and am seeing new Fall term reports. Why do I see a term that has not yet ended?
Because the effort system is now interactive with PeopleSoft, every time payroll runs, it feeds into the effort system. So, new effort reports are always being updated. You will notice, however, that these reports are setting in the Effort Initiator approval sequence and will not be released to the department until after the close of the Fall Term and won't be available for your input until then.
I have the security role, but do not have anyone that is listed for my department.
It could be that the department ID needs to be added to the security. Please contact your DSA and have them add the department ID in Human Resources > Security > Core Row Level Security > Effort Reporting Security.
I have an employee in my working queue that is showing negative effort. What should I do?
Deny the report back to the effort initiator (Cost Analysis) for review and corrections as needed.
I have a faculty member that was not paid during the summer but has an effort report with courses. What should I do with these reports?
Think of effort as time and not payroll. Even if the faculty did not get paid but had students reporting to them, the effort system expects time allocated to those courses. Even if they are not paid, if they are assigned students, they are still spending time on the course. If they did not have students assigned to them and really did not teaching, contact Armando Ramirez in OIPR to update the Instructor Workload file.
I have an error in the A21 View button. How do I get the error resolved?
Scenario #1 You see that the error is on project 00081711. The commitment % is 40% direct charge salaries which means that the system is expecting you to directly charge the individual's salary of 40% to the grant. Because you matched pay to effort, you have to ask yourself did the individual actually only work the 25%? If he did, then the committed percentage must be reduced to that amount before the error is corrected. If he did not then you need to correct payroll to the amount of time the individual actually spent on the project. Scenario #2 You see that the error is on project 00089780. The commitment % is 22% direct charge salaries which means that the system is expecting you to directly charge the individual's salary of 22% to the grant. Because there is no salary to this project, the system is issuing an error because it expects that there should be. If the individual did not spend any time on this project for the summer term, then the commitment needs to be reduced to zero. If the individual did commit effort to the project, then salary and the commitment must be adjusted accordingly.
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The report for my employee is incorrect. She is listed as funded 100% on a project and she has no effort for Departmental Research, which she participated in. How can I correct this error?
Please deny the report back to your effort coordinator, and they will be able to make those changes for you that you have requested. You can do that by clicking on the certify/send back button and then click on deny radio, enter a comment and submit. It will then go back to the effort coordinator to make the requested changes.
It is not possible to certify effort. The information is not showing up to be able to certify. Any suggestions?
Verify that you are using Internet Explorer and not Firefox browser. We are seeing issues related to that. Then log into My UFL and click on Main Menu. Once there navigate to Effort Reporting -> Effort Certification -> Certify Effort and then click on the search button and your effort report will be visible for you to review and certify. If you are still having trouble feel free to contact us at 352-392-5778.
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