Asset Management: FAQs

Inventory Management

How do I transfer an item?
The “transferring” department will submit a Report of Transfer request in MyAssets. Electronic approvals will be received from both the transferring and receiving department Custodians. If an asset was purchased from a Contract or Grant, Asset Management will verify the appropriateness of the transfer. (The terms and conditions of the granting agency may prevent the equipment to be used for activities other than the original project’s objective.) Asset Management transfers the equipment to the “receiving” departments inventory. A step by step instruction guide for completing transfers in myAssets is available to help.
Will attractive assets be inventoried by Asset Management?
No. Asset Management will not be responsible for inventorying attractive assets (equipment less than $5,000 value). It is the Custodian’s responsibility to safeguard attractive and sensitive property owned by their departments. Whenever it has been discovered that attractive/sensitive property has been stolen, University Police must be notified immediately.
Can a Principal Investigator (PI) take equipment purchased for his research when leaving UF?
In some situations, equipment purchased for a PI’s research can be transferred to the PI’s new institution or agency. If the equipment was purchased with a contract or grant and this contract or grant is transferring with the PI, then the equipment can transfer to the new institution. Note, the equipment can never be transferred to an individual or a for profit enterprise. When equipment will be transferred to another institution, a report of survey must be completed in myAssets for the items to be transferred. The completed survey must be approved by the Division of Sponsored Research and signed by a representative of the institution that will be receiving the items.
Does the student own the computer purchased on a fellowship project?
Any item purchased with UF funds is UF property. The student will have exclusive use of the item while at UF, but it remains UF property. For any exceptions to this rule, please refer to the award.
Who has title to the equipment purchased on a project?
Ownership of the equipment is determined by the terms of the awards or project. However, any item purchased with UF funds is UF property.
Why do Auxiliary Depreciation Reports from myAssets come up blank?
One of the boxes to be filled in may have inadvertently been filled in incorrectly. The Dept. box can be the 2 digit college or as many additional digits to narrow down your results to be more specific. The Fund box may be left blank for all funds or enter a 3 digit fund to be more specific. The FY box is a 4 digit field. Remember, this is Fiscal Year and not calendar year. The Date is formatted mm/dd/yyyy and should be the last day of the reporting month. Depreciation reports are available to Depts. on the 10th of the following month.
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Surplus Property Warehouse

Surplus Pickup request has been submitted and approved but I want to to transfer the item to another department
Notify Asset Management’s Surplus Pick-up scheduler and tell them which survey and or item you need to void.
How do I add an Attractive item to Surplus Pickup Request. When I enter the decal number it says not found and when I enter the S/N it says it is a decaled item?
The best way to approach this is to enter the decal number in the S/N box and then enter the S/N in the comments box.
I am notified that a Surplus Pick-up Request has been scheduled, but I will not be available at that scheduled time, how do I reschedule?
You can do this my email or by phone. To use email, reply back to the email that you received with the schedule stating you are not available. Include when you will be available or provide a replacement person to contact in your absence. If you prefer to do this by phone, call Tim Wall at 294-1791 and give him the information.
Can Students or the General Public get items from surplus?
Students and the General Public can only get items if they have won an auction.
Can abandoned property be donated to non-profit organizations?
No. The Florida Statutes does not allow abandoned property to be donated, but can be sold through a public auction. Abandoned property is not UF owned property and we do not have the authority to donate other people’s property without their consent.
Can a department sell its surplus?
No. Only Asset Management is authorized to sell surplus items. Departments do not have that authority, however trade-ins are allowed toward purchases to vendors outside of UF. The trade-in must be documented by a credit memo issued by the vendor.
Can Departments receive revenue generated from Online Auction Sales?
There are (2) Conditions that have to be met in order to have auction revenue returned back to the departments. One – the item sold must have been purchase with auxiliary funds verified by PeopleSoft. Two – the department must be considered to be an auxiliary department. In addition, IFAS Departments can have revenue returned if it is a Vehicle auction and it was purchased with either Auxiliary or grant funds verified in myUFL.
Does it cost the departments to obtain surplus items from the warehouse?
The dollar amount that is listed is for the original cost only. We do not charge to transfer items back to the departments, there may be fees associated with moving equipment, and the departments are responsible for those fees. The Surplus warehouse does not provide delivery of the items to the departments at this time.
Can my department get a bike for Campus official Business?
Yes, the Office of Sustainability is operating such a program. Call 392-7578 for further details.
What if my item is too large or heavy for the surplus staff to pick up?
Picking up surplus equipment from UF Departments is provided free of charge. For items too large or heavy to be picked up by us, it is recommended that the department contact Physical Plant labor crew or an outside moving company to move the items. To initiate a work order to move such items, contact Physical Plant Work Management at 392-1121.
How do I get furniture items back to my department from Surplus?
Currently we do not deliver. However, a work order can be called in through Physical Plant Work Management (Call 392-1121 for additional information) or contract an outside moving company.
My refrigerator, freezer or lab equipment has Freon in it, who do I call to removed it so that it can be picked up by Surplus?
We have a list of vendors who can have Freon removed at site.  Once the Freon has been removed, that item can be scheduled for pick up by the surplus staff.
We have bio hazardous and/or radioactive contaminates in our surplus equipment that must be cleared for pick up. Whom do we call?
Contact Environmental Health & Safety. Radiation Contaminates: 392-7359. Bio-Hazardous Contaminates: 392-1591.
I have a completed and approved Surplus Pickup Request form but we would like to deliver the equipment ourselves. How do we coordinate the delivery with the surplus warehouse?
When question #5 on the form (Are you delivering the items to the warehouse?) is answered as yes, an edit box for input about the delivery will open. There is also a comments field toward the bottom for additional information.
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How do we dispose of attractive assets?
When departments need to dispose of attractive assets, they must be complete a Report of Survey – Pickup Request and follow the steps to dispose of the items through Asset Management.
How do I trade in an item?
The department will complete the requisition to purchase the new item. Instructions for completing a requisition can be found on the Purchasing Toolkit. In the comments section of the requisition the department will include the decal number of the item being traded. The department will also initiate a Report of Survey request in MyAssets for the item being traded. See the instruction guide for assistance with completing the Report of Survey. All University decals need to be removed from the asset before the item is traded-in and taped to the Report of Survey PDF generated from MyAssets. (If the decal is not attached to the Report of Survey, the department will include a statement on the survey explaining why the decal was not attached.) If the item contains sensitive information, it must be removed from all devices before the item is traded-in.
Do I need to send the original survey after I fax it?
No, keep the original for your records.
There is an item on our department’s property inventory that should be part of the building, how do I change this?
Send the decal along with an explanation to Asset Management to process.
How can I change or delete items off a survey or transfer, the custodian has not approved it yet?
Go into myAssets under the Tools section and click on My Requests, from there locate which transaction you need to modify or void and open it up and make your changes.
How do I complete a Report of Survey?
See the instruction guide for completing a survey.
An asset of $5K was previously disposed, but has been found and is in operation. How do I get this item added back to my department’s inventory?
Notify Asset Management that the asset has been found by telephone or email and state what the decal number is and where the asset is presently located.
How do I get the old items off my inventory?
If the item is still in use, it cannot be removed from your inventory list. If the item is no longer useful, ask you department’s Property Contact to submit a surplus pick up request for the item in question. To see who your department’s Property Contact is, see the Custodian/Contact List.
What is the List Serve address to notify other departments that we have furniture that is available if they need it?
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PC Shop

How quickly can I receive equipment from the PC Shop?
All transfers and donations are documented on an electronic request form, placed into the shop queue and are completed first come first serve. Normal processing is between 4-6 weeks.
Can we get some ram?
Yes, IF the shop has it available in our spare parts inventory.
Can I buy a computer today?
No, all for sale items are listed on Public Surplus or GovDeals auction websites and currently require 14 days to remain on auction prior to closure.
Do you offer software support?
No, presently shop personnel are not trained to support software tech support.
Is there any guarantee or warranty that comes with an item?
No, all sold items are clearly marked on auction websites as “AS IS WHERE IS”, “NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES ARE IMPLIED OR STATED”.
How do I see an item I am bidding on?
Let a PC Shop employee know and we will be more than happy to get it for you to examine.
How new are the computers you have?
Manufacturing dates vary from 2004-2010.
Will the computers run Windows 7?
These machines were designed for Windows XP operating system.
Where is the PC Shop? What are the PC Shop hours for customers?
994 Elmore drive, behind UF Mail Services on Radio Road. 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.
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Who can store records at the warehouse?
Any Finance and Accounting Department can store old records at the warehouse.
How often do you dispose of records?
Beginning of each new Fiscal Year.
How long are records to be kept?
It depends on the type of records and if they are imaged. Most imaged records are to be kept for one year. The ones that are not imaged are normally kept for 5 to 7 years depending on the records. Some records are permanently retained. UF’s Records Management website includes additional information on required retention periods for items.
How long will it take to have a records request delivered?
Normally the next business day after the request is made.
Am I allowed to come over and go through my records if I’m not sure what box it’s in?
Yes. Make an appointment with Records Retention and you will be escorted to the proper records section.
Can I make an emergency request to have a box brought to me today?
As long as there is a vehicle available, it’s usually not a problem.
Is there a limit of boxes to send over at one time?
Not currently.
Do you keep a copy of the Records Disposition Requests for each section of Finance and Accounting?
Are the records being kept in a temperature controlled room?
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Vehicle Tags

What do I need to get a vehicle tagged or titled?
Most of the needed paperwork will come to us by way of the Motor Pool when the vehicle is delivered to them. The most important paperwork will be the new vehicle MSO, or Title if previously owned. We will also need a completed application for title. Depending on the details of the purchase or trade, there could be other needed paperwork.
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