What is the Human Subject Payment (HSP) system?
The Human Subject Payment system is a myUFL module that allows researchers or their study team members to request payments for research participants (such as prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, cash) and provides a secure method of recording those payments.

Who’s affected?
Anyone who pays research participants (other than in-kind payments) will need to use the new system.

Is this required?
Yes, anyone who pays research participants will need to use the new HSP system.

When will it be required?
All new payments to research participants should go through the new HSP system beginning July 14, 2014.

What security role(s) will I need?
That depends on what tasks you will perform.  Please see the Security section for more information.

What types of payments will be provided?
Prepaid Visa cards, gift cards and cash will be available through the new HSP system.

Are prepaid Visa cards and gift cards the same as cash?
Yes. Prepaid Visa cards are initially unloaded and the study custodian will load the card(s) with funds. Gift cards are fully funded.

What vendors can I use if I want gift cards?
The university has corporate accounts with Walmart, Publix, Target, Amazon, Winn-Dixie and Starbucks. Gift cards from these vendors are encouraged and Treasury Management will make these purchases for you. Electronic gift cards (eGift cards that can be emailed) are available through Amazon and Starbucks as well; however, please keep in mind that eGift cards cannot be returned to Treasury for credit to the study if not used. Other vendors may be considered based on study requirements.

How long will it take to receive prepaid Visa cards or vendor gift cards?
Prepaid Visa cards require 1-2 days for processing by Treasury before the study custodian will be able to pick the cards up. Treasury will notify the custodian when cards are available for pickup. Prepaid Visa cards are unloaded and it may take up to 48 hours for any funds to appear on the card. Vendor gift cards (i.e. Walmart, Publix, Amazon) must be ordered from the vendor and delivery can take 1-2 weeks from the date ordered, depending on shipping.

Where should I pick-up the gift cards?
The custodian will need to come to Treasury Management in Criser Hall to pick-up the cards.

Can I still purchase gift cards with person funds and be reimbursed?
No, all gift card (and prepaid Visa cards) should be purchased through the new HSP system.  You should not continue to purchase gift cards and expect to be reimbursed.

What if I have a study that was opened prior to HSP and have leftover gift cards? Will Treasury Management buy back the gift cards?
No. Treasury will not buy back any gift cards from studies prior to HSP. Treasury will only buy back gift cards that Treasury purchased for a study in HSP.

When will the funding source get charged?
Cost centers will be charged on a regular basis, generally once a week, by Treasury Management using journal entries.

What if I’m just requesting a check?
You need to register your study using the Study Fund Request so that we can track which studies are paying research participants.  No further input will be required into the new HSP system.  Obtain the check for the participant through the normal disbursement process.

Do I need to go through the system if I’m paying in-kind?
No, the system is only for cash and cash-equivalent type payments (i.e. prepaid Visa cards and gift cards.)  In-kind payments of goods (i.e. diapers, toothbrushes, tote bags) do not qualify.

Whom can I contact?
Contact Treasury Managements HSP team either by email, Treasury-HSP@admin.ufl.edu or by phone at 352-392-9057.

Do existing payment types (gift cards, cash, etc.) need to be tracked?
Payment types purchased by the department or investigator before July 14, 2013, should not be entered into the HSP system.  Only new payments obtained through HSP will be captured.

Which number do I use on a receipt or log to record Prepaid Visa Card distribution?
There is a Package ID number on the lower left side of the envelope window.  This is not the card number the participant sees.  

Should the participant register their prepaid Visa cards?
Yes. When the card is registered to a participant with Citibank, if the card is lost, then Citibank will be able to issue a new card for a fee.

What should I do if a participant loses a card?
The answer depends on whether the lost/misplaced card is a prepaid Visa card or a gift card (i.e. Walmart, Publix, etc). If the lost card is a prepaid Visa card, then the participant can report the card lost to Citibank and for a fee, Citibank will replace the card. If the card is not registered, then contact Treasury Management and we will advise on how to proceed.
If the lost card is a gift card, then the card is essentially “gone” and the study custodian will need to determine whether or not to replace the gift card.

If the study payments are logged in the HSP system, do I still need to obtain a participant’s signature?
Yes. The study custodian will need to keep a record, either by receipt or a log, which includes the name of the participant, the gift card number and the participant’s signature.