Cost Analysis

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Cost Analysis facilitates the campus-wide effort certification process and conducts space allocation surveys.  This area also completes Facilities & Administrative (FnA) rate proposals and specialized cost reports.

Effort Certification

Effort Certification is a mandatory reporting tool to comply with State and Federal Guidelines. Certification is required each academic term.

Space Allocation

The University of Florida requires that a space allocation survey be completed annually. This system aids in indirect cost proposal development, RCM budgeting, and the tracking of departmental rooms and room uses.

Costing Guidelines and Policies

This section contains the University of Florida’s policies, directives and procedures on compliance with Cost Accounting Standards.

Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rates


Disclosure Statement (DS2)

This link provides access to the University of Florida’s most recent Disclosure Statement. Per the OMB Circular 2 CFR 200, 200.419, the university is responsible for disclosing cost accounting practices and maintaining their accuracy with the federal government.