Directives and Procedures

Accounting and Reporting

Chartfields, Departmental Fiscal Responsibility, Reporting,

Asset Management

Acquisitions; Inventory Procedure; Reducing, Re-Using and/or Recycling UF Equipment

Educational Business Activities

Establishment, Change in Mission, Operation,

Cash, Collections, Receivables and Investments

Credit Cards, E-Commerce Security and Management Policy; Change Funds, Petty Cash Funds, and Research Stipend Funds; Cash Handling and Receipting;

Construction Accounting

General Information, Major and Minor Construction,


Guidelines for Certain Types of Expenditures, Processing of Invoices, Submission of Supporting Documentation,

Inventories for Supply and Resale

Establishing, Supply Management and Control, Records Management,


Payroll Schedules, Direct Deposit, Sick and Vacation Leave Payments,

Tax Services

Nonresident Aliens, Sales and Use Tax, Moving Expenses,


Cell Phones and Similar Devices, Charges,


Lodging, Meals and Related Expenses; Transportation and Related Expenses; Authorization and Expense Reimbursement;

UF Reporting Entity

The University and its Discretely Presented Component Units

University-Owned Vehicle Usage

Acquisition, Use, Maintenance and Logs