Billing and Sponsors

Student Billing

E-mail notices will be sent to students with balances on their accounts.  These e-mails are sent on the tenth of every month to the students’ Gatorlink e-mail addresses.  Students are advised to check their student account in the myUFL system for specifics on charges due.  Types of charges due on a student’s account might include non-tuition charges, tuition and fees, and short-term loans.  Students are encouraged to pay their outstanding charges on time to avoid financial holds (service indicators) and late fees.

Third Party Sponsors

Third party sponsors agree to pay students’ tuition and fees.  Some common examples of third party sponsors are private and public organizations, trust accounts, foreign countries, and government agencies.  A student should receive written notification or an authorization document from the sponsor specifying the amount of tuition and fees they will cover and the time period. Sponsored students must provide the University Bursar the authorization document so the sponsor of the tuition and fees is properly invoiced.  In addition, all sponsored students must sign a release form allowing the Bursar to provide confidential student information to the sponsor as part of the invoicing process.  Before the end of the first week of classes, the document of authorization and the release form must be received by the Third Party Billing area of the Bursar’s office. These forms may be delivered in person to S108 Criser Hall, by mail to PO BOX 114050, Gainesville FL, 32611, or by fax to (352) 392-3448.

Florida Prepaid College Program

The Florida Prepaid College Program provides Florida families affordable means to save for their children’s future college education.


The Third Party Billing area will automatically invoice a sponsor for tuition and fees after the fee payment deadline as long as the sponsored student is registered, has a release form and a current authorization document on file. The release form will allow UF to bill sponsors and to provide the following confidential information which is protected by the Buckley Amendment and may be required by the sponsors:

    1. Description of Course
    2. Number of hours
    3. Cost of courses
    4. Other payment and waivers

If a student should register late, a late registration charge of $100.00 will be assessed. If documents are submitted after the fee payment deadline, a late payment charge of $100.00 may be assessed.  The sponsor is not responsible for paying the late registration or the late payment charge and therefore neither charge will appear on the invoices.

Students are responsible for charges not paid by the sponsor.  It is important for students to review their charges on