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Non-Tuition Charges

What are Non-Tuition Charges?

Non-tuition charges are various goods and services provided by UF departments that co-exist with the education and fulfillment of a student’s campus life. Examples of UF department non-tuition charges include:

  • Student Health Care Center
  • Housing
  • Dining and Gator 1 Card
  • Parking decals and tickets
  • Library
  • Computer accounts
  • Printing
  • Short-term loans
  • Other University goods and services

How does a student view the charges due?

The University Bursar serves as the central billing office for these departments and maintains the record in ONE.UF. Charges are listed by the due date with the oldest charges being listed first. Student account charges may be viewed by the following:

  • Log into ONE.UF
  • Select View My Account (under Campus Finances)
  • Charges Due (tab)

What if the student has questions about charges?

Questions regarding the details of non-tuition charges should be addressed to the department where the charge(s) was incurred. These departments are responsible for maintaining the detail of the charge(s) as well as inputting or deleting charges from the student account.

Below is a list of the most common departments and their contact information.

Academic Technology (Printing): (352) 392-4357, print-services@ufl.edu

Business Services (Bookstore, Gator 1, Dining): (352) 392-0306, ufbookstore@bsd.ufl.edu

Housing: (352) 392-2161

Library: (352) 273-2525

Parking: (352) 392-7275

Financial Aid Reversals/Reductions (Financial Aid): (352) 392-1275, https://www.sfa.ufl.edu/contact-sfa/

Student Health Care Center: (352) 273-4546, insurance@shcc.ufl.edu

Student Health Compliance Office/Mandatory Health Insurance: (352) 294-2925, healthcompliance@shcc.ufl.edu

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