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Third-Party Sponsor Overview

Examples of Third-Party Sponsors

Third-party sponsors agree to pay students’ tuition and fees and mandatory health insurance, if applicable.  Some common examples of third-party sponsors are:

  • Private and public organizations
  • Trust accounts
  • Foreign countries
  • Government agencies (including all military branches)

Required Documentation

A student should receive written notification on the organization’s letterhead or an authorization document from the sponsor specifying the amount of tuition and fees they will cover and the time period.

  • Sponsored students must provide the Bursar the authorization document before the fee payment deadline, so the sponsor of the tuition and fees is properly invoiced

All sponsored students must sign a Letter of Acknowledgement Form (for Third-Party Sponsors) allowing the Bursar to provide confidential student information to the sponsor as part of the invoicing process.  The Letter of Acknowledgement is good for the length of sponsorship and does not need to be completed each semester, unless the student is being sponsored by a different organization

The signed Letter of Acknowledgement Form will allow UF to provide the following confidential information to the sponsors.  This information is protected under Federal privacy laws (FERPA) but is required to bill the sponsors for the student’s tuition and fees.

  1. Description of course
  2. Number of hours
  3. Cost of courses
  4. Other payment and waivers

Before the end of the first week of classes, the authorization document and signed Letter of Acknowledgement form must be received by the Sponsored Student Billing Services area of the Bursar’s Office.  These forms may be delivered:

  • In person to S108 Criser Hall
  • By mail to PO BOX 114050, Gainesville FL, 32611
  • By fax to (352) 392-3448 or by email Ask Bursar Help

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