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Third-Party Sponsor Invoicing


The Third-Party Billing area will automatically invoice a sponsor for tuition and fees after the fee payment deadline as long as the sponsored student:

  1. Is registered, and
  2. Has a Letter of Acknowledgement Form (for Third-Party Sponsors), and
  3. Has a current authorization document on file from the sponsor

Students are responsible for charges not paid by the sponsor.  It is important for students to frequently review their charges on ONE.UF.

Late Charges

A late charge of $100.00 will be assessed if:

  1. A student should register late; late registration fee, or
  2. Documents are submitted after the fee payment deadline; late payment fee

The sponsor is not responsible for paying the late registration or the late payment charge and therefore neither charge will appear on the invoices.  However, if the sponsor pays the invoice late, late fee charges will be applied to the sponsor account.

Last Reviewed

12/31/2021: updated content


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