Past Due Accounts

Past due accounts are charges that are unpaid by the due date. As a result of a past due account, UF may temporarily suspend further academic progress that may impact your university record or future university services. It is in your best interest to continually monitor your UF email and student account information to ensure your charges, fines, and fees are paid in a timely manner. Past due accounts may be reported to the major credit reporting agencies and/or placed with a collection agency with additional collection costs added, increasing the amount owed. See University Regulation 6C1-3.3076(20).

Types of past due accounts:

  • Tuition and Fees – Students who have not paid any portion of their tuition and fees liability by the established university deadline will continue to be held fee liable for these courses, but will not be allowed to attend these courses until arrangements have been made to make payment and the student has been re-registered. Students who re-register after being withdrawn for nonpayment of tuition and fees will be subject to both late registration and late payment fees. See University Regulation 6C1-3.037.
  • Non-Tuition Charges – Unpaid charges may be assessed late fees according to the originating department’s policy.
  • Loans –  Past due loans are assessed late penalties, collection costs and or litigation fees. Loans past due 30 days or more may impact your ability to receive additional aid.


Holds, also known as negative service indicators, restrict access to university services. A hold placed on the student’s record may prevent the receipt of grades, transcripts, diploma or admission to athletic events, and registration will be denied for future terms. Holds are viewable in ONE.UF. Select Campus Finances (Bursar) card, then View Account Summary.

Types of holds include:

  • Financial – When a charge is not paid by the due date, a financial hold (negative service indicator) will appear on your account.  Past due charges must be satisfied to receive university services.
  • Exit Counseling – Loan borrowers separating from the University, applying for graduation or dropping below half-time status are required to complete an online counseling session.
  • Administrative – A department may request a hold be placed on an account due to an unresolved issue or action to be completed.

Loan Collection

The UF Collection department is primarily responsible for collecting all defaulted federal and institutional student loans. The department must follow federal due diligence guidelines which include using university personnel to contact defaulters, reporting accounts to credit bureaus, referring accounts to collection agencies, litigating accounts, and assigning accounts to the federal Department of Education.