Adding Vendors

Departments wishing to add individuals or companies to the myUFL vendor file to pay them for goods or services provided—or to reimburse students for out of pocket expenses—should use and follow the relevant instructions below.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact If you encounter technical problems using the myUFL system, please contact the UF Help Desk at or 392-HELP.

UF Employees and Students

UF students being reimbursed or refunded for out of pocket expenses other than those processed through the Travel module need to be added as a vendor. Please include their UFID number in the request and indicate what specifically is being reimbursed. No paperwork is required.

For UF employees being paid as research participants, please fill out the UF Tax Information Form.

US Companies or Citizens Not Employed by UF

Domestic Consultants, Research Participants and individuals who are not UF employees performing services are required to supply the following information:

Domestic Companies, non-affiliated individuals, government agencies, educational facilities, associations, organizations, etc. providing goods or performing services are required to supply the following three forms available on the Bridges Web site > Services > Vendors:

Please make sure you have all required paperwork prior to sending a new vendor request to The vendor will not be added until all required paperwork is completed and received. Note: Please avoid using generic e-mail subjects such as “Add a vendor” or “Please add” unless sending a large list with multiple individuals / businesses. Making the subject line of your e-mail specific will result in more efficient communication and eliminate unnecessary confusion.

Foreign Companies or Individuals

In addition to the steps listed above, requests for foreign vendors must be pre-approved by University Payroll and Tax Services before being added to the PeopleSoft vendor file. Please call 352-392-1231 for approval; University Payroll and Tax Services will then submit approved foreign vendors to for input.

Tracking Added Vendors

If you are adding a vendor to the myUFL system, you have two options for ensuring the vendor was added:

    1. Navigate in myUFL to Vendor > Set Up Maintenance > Vendor Information. Best practice for searching for a vendor is to use “contains” option with the Name 1 field, put one word from the vendor name into the Name 1 field. If there are no results that match what you are looking for, search ShortName “contains” and put just the first eight (8) letters of the first word in the company name or individual’s last name.After finding your vendor, please be sure to click VIEW ALL in the Address tab so that all available addresses will appear. For more information, an instruction guide called Finding Vendors is available on the myUFL toolkits.
    2. Request that the vendor send you the information required by UF then fax the information to Vendor Maintenance at (352) 392-0081 with your email request on the coversheet or as an attachment. If all required information is received, you will then receive an email confirmation that the vendor has been added.