Outgoing Bank Wires

Bank wires are used to send funds quickly and safely to both domestic and international destinations.

Requirements for Sending a Bank Wire

  • The Bank Wire form must be completed in its entirety.
  • There must be an approved voucher in the AP system for a wire to be released.
  • Fax the wire form and backup to 846-3576 as well as to AP imaging¬† 846-1020.
  • NOTE: It is especially helpful to have the vendor banking information supplied as part of ¬†the backup as a method to double-check vital information.
  • If you are sending funds to a foreign vendor for the first time you must contact Tax Services at 392-1231 for approval.

Foreign Currency

Your voucher should be entered in the equivalent amount of U.S. dollars. You can do a currency exchange calculation at www.XE.com. Keep in mind that this site is a wholesale website and final amount of the wire in U.S. dollars will usually be greater than the original voucher amount. We will have the voucher amount corrected at the time of the wire being issued.

A bank wire may be sent in several different foreign currencies such as Euros, Swiss Francs or British Pounds. The bank wire form should be completed in the amount of the currency you wish to send.

We reserve the right to delay the release of any wire over $10,000 until University funds have been made available by the Investment Accountant.

Directives & Procedures

For further details, please see the Cash, Collections, Receivables and Investments section.