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Receiving ACH/EFT and Wires

Directive Statement

For incoming ACH/EFT or wire payments, Banking & Merchant Services should be informed by the department at the time of billing, or prior to receipt of each ACH/EFT or wire payment.

Reason for Directive

To ensure quicker tracking of the incoming payment and proper recording of those funds into the correct department’s accounts.

Who Must Comply?

All University departments.


  1. The department should inform Banking & Merchant Services of the following details:
    • Customer name and address
    • Billing amount
    • Expected time of customer payment
    • Reference, such as the invoice number or other information related to the payment
  2. After Banking & Merchant Services identifies the benefiting department of an incoming ACH/EFT or wire transfer, the Deposit Control team will e-mail the department an “EFT Advice Report,” which is a deposit statement extracted from the University of Florida bank account
  3. The department will use the information on the EFT Advice Report to record the transaction by means of a deposit into myUFL, following the procedures in the UF HR Toolkit – Deposits

Duplicate or Erroneous Payments

In the event of a duplicate payment or a money transfer sent to UF in error, the following guidelines apply:

  1. The department will record the duplicate transaction following the regular ACH/EFT or Wire transfer deposit procedures above
  2. Once properly posted in the General Ledger, the department will then process a voucher in the myUFL payables sub-system using the steps in the UF HR Toolkit – Creating a Check Request for a Payment that Does Not Have an Invoice
  3. This will result in the generation of a check to be mailed to the originating party of the duplicate or erroneous payment

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


EFT-ACH-Wires Log

Unapplied Wire Transfers

Recording ACH, EFT and Wire Deposits in myUFL


UF HR Toolkit – Deposits

UF HR Toolkit – Creating a Check Request for a Payment that Does Not Have an Invoice


Disbursements: (352) 392-1241

Banking & Merchant Services: (352) 392-9057

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