Time and Labor

Reference guides, checklists and tools for use by department payroll processors and approvers for time and labor processes, including PeopleSoft navigation guides for new employees and for payroll processors.

Employee Information

Time and Labor Processor Information

  • Time & Labor Fingertip Guide
    The Fingertip Guide is a two-page guide, designed for use by payroll processors, providing several navigations, checklists and functions for verifying payroll. It includes: Steps for Payroll Paylist Review, Payable Time Detail Status of Pay, Final Pay Checklist for Terminating Employees, Time & Labor Security, Most Common Reasons for Overpayments and Underpayments, and Payroll Deadline Reminders.
  • Overpayments and Underpayments
    This document lists most common reasons for underpayments and overpayments.
  • Quick Reference Guide for Processors
    The Processor’s Guide provides payroll processors a navigation guide for commonly used PeopleSoft functions.
  • Who Approved or Entered Time and When
    This guide provides the navigation used for verifying the entering and approval of time.
  • Termination Final Pay Checklist
    This guide provides the steps for processing the final paycheck for terminating employees.
  • Steps for Reviewing Payroll
    This is a step by step guide to walk the payroll processor through the bi-weekly payroll verification process. Using this guide will increase the completeness and accuracy of the review process, thereby reducing the risk of missing items that may result in inaccurate payments being made to employees.
  • Payable Time Detail Status
    This chart details the flow of the payroll payment process and the status of each level from hours needing approval through the payment. Reviewing Payable Time Detail will show the status of the hours for each day in the pay period, for a specific employee and the status will indicate what may need to be done and the likelihood of the processing of the hours to be processed for the pay period.
  • Time Reporting Codes (TRC) by Workgroup
    This document provides payroll and time and labor processors with all TRCs for each Workgroup. Use the filter function to view the applicable TRCs for a particular workgroup.