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Entering Time in myUFL


The University of Florida uses the myUFL Time & Labor and Payroll modules to collect time, record leave, and pay employees.  The employees are responsible for recording their time in myUFL or another approved timekeeping system, in accordance with the University policy.

Where errors occur, employees should immediately contact their departmental payroll staff for the appropriate corrective action in a timely manner.

All employees are paid on a bi-weekly schedule.  The qualifying time processed for an employee’s wage payment is used to accrue vacation and sick leave, if the employee is in a benefit plan that includes vacation and sick leave. Visit UF Human Resource Services for more information.

Non-Exempt Employees

Follow instructions in the UF HR Time and Labor Toolkit to report your time worked.  Please note the following information:

  1. All non-exempt (hourly) employees are required to input their time in Time & Labor for processing in Payroll
  2. Depending on the method selected by an employee’s department, the employee will enter the time worked using Web Clock or Weekly Punch Time, which are time reporting options in the Time & Labor module for non-exempt employees
    • Employees who use Weekly Punch Time should enter the actual time they start/stop work instead of entering the start/stop times they are scheduled to work
  3. However, regardless of the method selected by the department for reporting time, all leave for employees with leave benefits will be reported in Weekly Elapsed Time
  4. All non-exempt employees’ time requires approval each pay period

Exempt Employees

Follow instructions in the UF HR Time and Labor Toolkit to report your time worked.  Please note the following information:

  1. An exempt employee’s time is loaded to Time & Labor based on the employee’s Standard Hours
  2. Exempt employees’ work time does not require approval unless “exception time” is recorded by the employee
  3. When this occurs, the employee’s supervisor or designated person is required to approve the “exception time”
  4. When approved, this time is loaded to the Payroll module for processing the employee’s pay


Exempt Employee

An employee who is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime payment provisions (“Salary”).


An employee who must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime payment provisions.  All hourly USPS and TEAMS classifications are designated as non-exempt and, as such, require that time worked be recorded on an hourly basis.  In addition, all hourly OPS employees appointed through Human Resources Services or as student assistants are non-exempt.

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UF HR Toolkit – Time and Labor


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