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Review and Approval

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of reviewing and approving time and leave.

Reason for Directive

Following the procedures in this directive will increase the completeness and accuracy of the review process, thereby reducing the risk of missing items that may result in inaccurate payments being made to employees.  Recommended best practice is to retain the approved final paylists in the unit for three full fiscal years.  You may be asked to provide this documentation during payroll audits.

Who must comply?

All UF departments.


  1. Check for any exceptions, which are problems that prevent time and labor from processing correctly, using the Managing Exceptions in Time & Labor toolkit
    • High level exceptions may prevent accurate payment, so it is important that these exceptions are reviewed and corrected before the end of the pay cycle
  2. Review preliminary paylists on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of a payroll closing week
    • Compare standard hours to the number of hours being paid
    • Compare bi-weekly pay amount on paylist to amount being paid
    • Compare leave reported to leave actually taken, retaining typical source documentation (Outlook Calendar Notices/Emails/Other) to identify leave taken
    • Verify that holidays were reported for eligible employees during a pay cycle with a holiday using the correct time reporting code (TRC)
    • Review hours by day for all employees (exempt and non-exempt).  Pay special attention to terminations, hires, FTE changes, and job actions for work group changes for the applicable pay period
  3. Once time and leave are verified to be accurate, approve time and leave using the instructions in the Approving Time & Leave Toolkit
  4. By Friday morning at 10:00 am all time must be approved
  5. On Monday following the payroll closing, review the final paylist and document approval


Exempt Employee

An employee who is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime payment provisions (“Salary”).


Full time equivalent. If you are hired to work 100% of the normal or standard workweek (a full-time position), you will have an appointment of 1.0 FTE.


An employee who must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime payment provisions.  All hourly USPS and TEAMS classifications are designated as non-exempt and, as such, require that time worked be recorded on an hourly basis.  In addition, all hourly OPS employees appointed through Human Resources Services or as student assistants are non-exempt.

Pay List

Payroll listing available through Enterprise Reporting which provides a list of employees and identifying information, including the amount paid on a specific pay.

Navigation: Enterprise Reporting > Access Reporting > Human Resources Information > Pay Information > Current Pay Cycle > Delivered Payroll Paylist Reports > Final (or Preliminary) Payroll Listings date.

Time Reporting Code (TRC)

Used to reflect time worked, leave, and holidays.  They are also used to designate leave (paid and unpaid) as qualifying under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Other TRCs can be used to provide administrative leave or apply shift differential, among other actions.

Last Reviewed

07/31/2021: reviewed content


UF HR Toolkit – Approving Time and Leave Simulation

UF HR Toolkit – Time & Labor


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