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Disposing of Federal Property

Directive Statement

This directive establishes the proper methods of disposing of government owned/furnished property (federal property). Departments will need to request the disposal of the property from Asset Management for all federal property not sent to UF Surplus. In accordance with Section 273.05, Florida Statutes, the University has appointed a “Property Management Committee” to review all dispositions information for UF owned capital assets.

Reason for Directive

To adhere to Section 273.05, Florida Statutes and other regulations.

Who must comply?

All UF departments. Property Custodians are responsible for approving all Disposal Requests.


The terms and conditions of the contract or grant may stipulate how and when an asset can be disposed. Therefore, all equipment accountable to a contract or grant must be approved by Asset Management before any asset disposition. No property, including federal property, may be given to an individual or thrown away without prior approval from Asset Management.

Below are different methods and procedures for disposing of federal property:

Request a Surplus Pick-up

In support of UF Strategic Plan and UF’s sustainability initiative, when attractive property is no longer needed, all property should be sent to UF Surplus to be reused, refurbished, or recycled.

  1. The Departmental Contact will follow the Sending Items to UF Surplus Directive
  2. Departments will need to record the disposal of federal property in myAssets
  3. Special allowances are made for property located outside of Alachua County. Equipment located in an area not serviced by UF Surplus may work with their local recycler to dispose of equipment

Utilize the UF Property Swap Listserv

Please note, the Listserv can only be utilized if the item is no longer on a project.

Sign up for the UF Property Swap Listserv.

To create a posting:

  1. Log-In
  2. Select Email Lists Tab
  3. Select Appropriate Listserv Group (UF-PROPERTY-SWAP-L)
  4. Select Post New Message under Options

Post and provide additional information:

  1. Add Photos by browsing for file & attaching any photos
  2. Fill out body of email with information about your item, including number of items, size/dimensions, color, condition, etc.
  3. Hit Send
  4. You will get a confirmation from Asset Management that your posting has been approved & released

Remember to post that “Items have been claimed!”

Request authority of use, transfer, or cannibalization

When government-owned property becomes excess to the contract for which it was provided, it must be screened against the needs of other contracts before it can be declared excess.

  1. If such need is disclosed, the Departmental Contact will request authority to use or to transfer from Asset Management
  2. Asset Management will contact the Plant Clearance Officer for instructions
  3. For cannibalization, the Departmental Contact will follow the steps in the Disposal Request. Cannibalization requests will be forwarded by Asset Management to the Contracting Officer for the project

Initiate a request to donate to a University through myAssets

When UF owned property purchased from Contracts & Grant funds is still residing on a Contract & Grant account, it can be donated to a not-for-profit entity.

  1. Follow instructions in the Disposal Request
  2. Signatures must be obtained from the College Dean, Division of Sponsored Programs and the Property Custodian
  3. Verification of acceptance of the equipment by signature or email is also required from the receiving institution

Sell the property

The proceeds from the sale of Federal property where the money received will be returned to the agency (FAR 45.604-3, Proceeds from the Sale of Surplus Property).

Notify Asset Management to dispose of Federal Surplus Property costing $5,000 or more

Dispositions for equipment:

  • Costing $5,000 or more, or
  • Where the equipment is a motor vehicle

CANNOT be transferred, cannibalized, or utilized for a secondary purpose for a period of 18 months after placed in service without written permission from Florida Department of Management Services in Starke, Florida.

Please note, dispositions of Federal surplus property received from Florida Department of Management Services in Starke, Florida costing under $5,000 are processed the same as non-federal dispositions for either capital assets or attractive assets.

Last Reviewed

Last reviewed on 03/20/2024


FAR 45.604-3

Florida Department of Management Services


UF HR Toolkit – Asset Management


Asset Management: (352) 392-2556

Contracts & Grants: (352) 392-1235

UF Surplus: (352) 392-0370

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